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1XBET|How to register[promo code and bonus]

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1XBET Registration URL:
1XBET Promo code:1x_486072

Introduction to the 1XBET

1xbet is the largest betting site in the CIS with over 400,000 online users and will offer you online betting on more than 1,000 sporting events every day.

It is the official sponsor of Serie A, La Liga and the African Cup of Nations, and the official partner of La Liga giants FC Barcelona. Licensed by Curaçao in the Netherlands and Alderney in the UK, the site is legal and secure, making it our absolute first choice for online betting.

The 1XBET Registration Process

1.Enter the 1XBET website

Please click or copy this URL to your browser to access 1xbet’s official website. The following page will appear:

1xbet|How to register【promo code and bonus】

2.Select registration method

As shown on the diagram, there are three types of registration:

  • One-click registration (the system automatically generates the account password)
  • Register with your mobile phone number (you can register by verifying your mobile phone number)
  • Mailbox registration (the mailbox can become the login account)

【Recommend to use mobile phone number or mailbox registration way to open an account】

Let’s take “one-click registration” as an example.

1xbet|How to register【promo code and bonus】

3.Fill in the promo code

This method will automatically match the country and currency based on your IP address.

In the third line, please fill in the promotional code in the box: 1x_410354.

A registration with the promo code will give you a 100% bonus on your first deposit.

1xbet|How to register【promo code and bonus】

3.Save your account and password

The account number and password automatically generated for you by the platform are shown here, please make sure you keep your account password safe.

You can save it in three ways:

  • Send to email (just enter your email address and click send)
  • save to file (the platform will save your account password to a txt file and store it on your phone)
  • Save as image (the system will take a screenshot of your account and save it to your phone album)

Either way, I recommend that you change your password immediately to something you can easily remember and fill in the relevant information.

4.Fill in your personal details

Please click on “avatar” in the top right hand corner and go in to fill in your personal details.

1xbet|How to register【promo code and bonus】
1xbet|How to register【promo code and bonus】

Tip: Please make sure you fill in these details honestly and completely according to your ID card, and the name must be the same as the one on your withdrawal card!

You will also need to fill in your date of birth, place of birth, ID number, residential address and email address, as well as the date of issue of your ID card.

For those in South East Asia, if the ID card does not state this, please fill in the approximate date you received it.

1xbet is officially licensed, and personal information is absolutely safe and secure. Please don’t worry!

5.Change your password

1xbet|How to register【promo code and bonus】

Click on the “+” after the phone number to fill in your mobile phone number (if you are using your mobile phone number to register an account this can be skipped), then the system will send a verification code to your mobile phone.

Once you have filled in the verification code, the account can be tied to your mobile phone number. This will make your account more secure, additionally you will be able to use your mobile phone number to log in later.

For one-click accounts, the system gives you a randomly generated password. You can set your own easy-to-remember password by clicking on the “pencil” icon.

Finally, click on “Save” and you have completed your registration.

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