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Australia vs USA:Tokyo Olympic Women’s Soccer bronze medal match Tip and Prediction(05/08/2021)

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Australia will compete with the United States for the bronze medal in Olympic women’s soccer.

Both teams are still reeling from their losses, who will be more motivated in this match?

Can the United States, the world’s dominant team, take this game without a hitch?

Let’s start our sharing of today’s game.

🇦🇺 Australia Women

Among the teams representing Asia at the Olympics, only the Australian women’s soccer team can compete with the United States, Sweden and England in international competitions.

Today’s women’s soccer game requires a stronger overall game, with physicality and speed getting closer to men’s soccer. So when we look at the current Olympics, China and Japan have no advantage over European and American teams.

The current Australia, under the leadership of head coach Tony, has improved a lot.

From several games, whether it is the group game against the United States or the knockout game against Sweden, Australia is the party with more ball control. And physical confrontation has always been Australia’s strength.

Compared to the age of the United States back defense, the current Australia will be the king in Asia for at least the next five years.

I think Australia has more than enough motivation in this game when they meet with USA again. Once they get the bronze medal, they will move up in the world rankings after this cycle!

And obviously this team is more united than the USA. There is also reason to believe that there is no way to measure the highs of this women’s soccer team in the future.

australia vs usa

 🇺🇸 USA Women

 The U.S. women’s soccer team is ranked #1 in the world today.

Looking at the performance of Tokyo Olympics, they can only be said to be moderate, losing to Canada in the last round, and then drawing with the Netherlands in the last round.

The impression we get is no longer a mountain that cannot be overcome.

This team’s front and midfield still remain in good shape, while the backcourt’s play really does not match with the world No. 1.

The US domestic league has stagnated for a variety of reasons. Most of the country’s best athletes have gone to play in Europe’s top five leagues.

With the improvement of women’s leagues in England, Germany and Spain, the level of women’s soccer in these countries has been able to compete with the United States.

This game, the U.S. attitude is relatively low, after all, the Americans are practicing individualism.The next adjustment of the U.S. women’s soccer team is crucial.

australia vs usa

Comprehensive Analysis

In such an intensive game situation, the United States’ physical ability will drop, and the alternates who have not been on the field may welcome the opportunity to play and feel the charm of the Olympic games. This will affect the final result of the game to some extent.

The last thing to say is that, at present, China, USA and Japan Olympic gold medal list and medal list have come to the last moment. The last game, the Japanese Olympic Committee should not want the United States to enter the final.

Then the bronze medal, for the United States does not matter. But for Australia has historic significance!

Prediction:Australia +0.75@1.842

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