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HomeTipsBrazil vs Egypt:Tokyo Olympics Soccer Tips and Predictions(31/07/2021)

Brazil vs Egypt:Tokyo Olympics Soccer Tips and Predictions(31/07/2021)

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Brazil as the last Olympic champion team, this time they are certainly also towards the goal of defending the champion, naturally is very full of wariness. The total cost of their team is as high as 363 million Euros, ranking second among all teams, and their lineup is quite outstanding.

In this game, the main back Luiz is also released from suspension and will return to the field in this round. This has greatly improved their offensive and defensive capabilities, and is expected to improve the recent problem of lack of solidity in the back line.

And it is worth mentioning that the team has recently delivered an average of 2 goals per game, and the efficiency in the offensive end is very good. The main striker Richardson has also collected 5 goals, his personal performance is also very hot, this round of games should not be underestimated.

Brazil vs Egypt


After a cold draw against Spain in the first round, Egypt managed to beat Australia in the final round to catch the last train for the knockout stage, which has the potential to become a dark horse. And in the last 14 matches in all competitions only swallowed one defeat, the overall performance is quite stable.

In their 3 rounds of group games, they have 2 clean sheets and only conceded 1 goal, so their overall defensive performance is quite good.

However, it should be noted that the total cost of the team’s roster is only 18.7 million euros, which is only ranked 10th in the ranking of all teams, the overall is still much inferior to other teams, and the absence of Salah will also have a considerable impact on the front line.

Brazil vs Egypt

Comprehensive analysis

The two teams actually met once in a friendly last year. At that time, the first goal of Brazil was eventually defeated by the Egyptian team by two goals in a row, the psychological barriers may be. But Brazil‘s recent offensive capabilities are very strong, and it is doubtful whether the Egyptian team can go forward in the face of the same strong defense. However, according to the recent performance of the two teams, Brazil still has the upper hand. Therefore, this game is more optimistic about Brazil’s national Olympic victory over Egypt’s national Olympic.

Brazil vs Egypt

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Prediction:Brazil to win

Prediction:Brazil -0.5

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