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Brest vs Paris Saint-Germain :France Ligue 1 Match Preview,Tips and Predictions(20/08/2021)

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There’ s a hot match in Ligue 1 today, Brest vs Paris Saint-Germain.

Disparity in strength 

In terms of strength it doesn’t mean much anymore, Brest and Paris are the equivalent of high school students competing against elementary school students.

Last season, Brest was successful in relegation and already celebrated with champagne. Paris’ league title was taken away by Lille, however, this second place also represents a failure for them in the season.

The overall strength of the two teams is not at the same level, and even a random star from PSG is equivalent to the value of the opponent’s whole team.

Brest vs Paris

Paris books the league title in advance

Especially with the arrival of Lionel Messi, Ligue 1 has basically announced the result in advance. It is very interesting that in the interview before the start of this game, the manager of Brest also very much hope that Messi can play, looking forward to playing with the best. The mentality is still quite good, I guess the struggle has been given up inside.

Unfortunately the season has just started soon, Paris, an aircraft carrier has not yet started sailing at full strength, not only Messi will not play tonight, while Neymar and Ramos and others continue to be absent from this game.

However, Marquinhos, Donnarumma and Verratti Di Maria, who have yet to make their debut on the pitch in the new season, may all get a chance to play tonight.

As most people think, I can basically declare this year’s Ligue 1 championship as Paris’, and they have only one ultimate goal, which is the Champions League.

Brest vs Paris

Mbappe will probably remain in Paris

Previously, Mbappe has been rumored to leave Paris and join Real Madrid. One of the most important reasons is that he thinks the team can’t win the Champions League, and even can’t get more advantages in the Golden Ball Award competition.

This time Ramos as well as Lionel Messi two superstars to join, so that the possibility of Paris to win the Champions League is higher.

According to reliable sources, Mbappe is very excited to talk about Messi privately, and I think the possibility of Mbappe staying is not low.

So, will Brest admit defeat in this game?

They still have a certain ability to fight back. In their first two matches, they drew 1-1 with Rennes and Lyon, two of the top teams in Europe last season. It is possible that they will be the dark horse of the season, but it is basically unrealistic to win against Paris, maybe to score a goal.

And Paris will not score fewer goals, look forward to 3 goals to start.

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