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Chile vs Brazil:Tips,Predictions and Odds|World Cup Qualifiers 2021

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Chile is one of the most competitive teams in South America, where there are many powerhouses. Most of the team’s main players have worked in South American leagues, but there are also stars such as Alexis Sanchez and Vidal who have played well in Europe.

The team has won the Copa America twice before, in ’15 and ’16. However, with an ageing squad, Chile’s results have been on the decline in recent years.

In the first half of the World Cup, the team’s performance can only be described as poor, with one win, three draws and two defeats with six points in seventh place.

The team will be looking to make a concerted effort to pick up points at home against a tough opponent Brazil.

Chile vs Brazil:Tips,Predictions and Odds


Brazil is the most powerful team in South America, having won the World Cup five times in its history, and is a powerhouse in South America and the world.

But in the last two World Cups, the team’s results have been less than stellar, with a crushing defeat by Germany at home in ’14 and an eight-in-four defeat to Belgium in ’18. Although the team won last year’s Copa America with ease, this was also due to a decline in the overall strength of the South American zone.

Brazil performed very well in the first phase of the World Qualifying Tournament, winning all six matches and aiming for a promotion spot.

However, in the second phase of the tournament, a number of stars are unable to return to the team due to the restrictions imposed by the English Premier League, so there is still a question mark over how much the team’s overall strength will be compromised.

Chile vs Brazil:Tips,Predictions and Odds

Comprehensive Analysis

Brazil are currently leading the field in the table with six wins, but the team’s overall strength will be greatly weakened by the fact that a number of key players cannot return to the team for this World Qualifying Tournament due to the EPL’s isolation policy.

The tight schedule of this international match day will give the team’s new starters very little time to gel with each other. As the favorite, it is not a good bet that they will be able to win this match on the road.

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