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HomeTipsChina vs Zambia :Tokyo Olympics Women's Soccer Tips and Predictions(24/07/2021)

China vs Zambia :Tokyo Olympics Women’s Soccer Tips and Predictions(24/07/2021)

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Yesterday in the Group F match, the young Chinese women’s soccer team lost 0:5 to Brazil in their first appearance in this Olympic Games. Facing the second strongest team in their group, Brazil, China suffered a heavy loss, and the prospects of the Chinese women’s soccer team to get out of the next line are worrying!

In this game, the overall Chinese women’s football team is young and does not have much experience in the tournament, and is indeed much inferior to the Brazilian women’s football team in terms of strength. However, during the game, the Chinese women’s soccer team did not have no chance at all, however, the Chinese women’s soccer team lacked some luck in this game, so the overall performance was not as good as it should be. The real strength gap between the two teams is not as big as the final score shows.

On July 24,, the Chinese women’s football team will meet the second opponent of the group, the Zambian women’s football team. Only from the strength, Zambia is undoubtedly the weakest team in this group, in the first match, they lost 3:10 to the Dutch women’s football team, creating the worst loss in the team’s history of international matches.

China vs Zambia


As the first country in Africa to launch women’s football, Zambia established a women’s national team as early as 1983, when the entire African women’s football movement was almost a blank. At the same time, Zambian women’s soccer was no less exposed than men’s soccer in the country, and reports on the women’s national team were often seen in the national media.

The Zambian women’s soccer team made its international debut in 1994, but the results were not good at that time, as they are currently ranked 104th in the world. Since the team’s inception, the Zambian women have never been selected for the final round of the Women’s World Cup, and this is their first appearance in the Tokyo Olympics.

Comprehensive analysis

The Chinese women’s soccer team should not have much problem to win this match, but it depends on whether they can try to get more goals against, which is very important for the Chinese women’s soccer team.

Although the strength of Zambian women’s soccer team is relatively weak, it has Barbra Banda, the golden boot of last year’s Women’s Super League, in its lineup. Therefore, for the Chinese team, how to defend Barbara Banda is the key to win a big score.

China vs Zambia

Barbra Banda is characterized by her explosive power and excellent ability to carry the ball. She scored a hat-trick against the Netherlands and became the most threatening player in the match, scoring two goals in 81 and 82 minutes, and still accelerating in the late stage of the match, still able to attack the Dutch defense and break the Dutch team’s door three times, showing her superb individual ability!

In addition to Banda, the assist for Banda’s second goal last night came from another 24-year-old young midfielder, Grace Chanda, who not only only assists, but also served as the team’s most important scorer in the Olympic African qualifying tournament, where she alone scored 2/3 of the Zambian women’s soccer team’s goals (8 goals) and was the Golden Boot of the Olympic African qualifying tournament.

The Zambian women’s soccer team has Banda, who is very familiar with the Chinese women’s soccer defense, and Chanda, who has outstanding offensive and scoring ability. These two players will be the key target of Chinese women’s soccer team in this game.

For this match, Chinese women should not have a big problem to win, but it is still difficult to make enough goals like the Dutch women.

Prediction:China -3

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