HomeTipsElche vs Athletic Bilbao:La Liga Match Preview,Tips and Predictions(16/08/2021)

Elche vs Athletic Bilbao:La Liga Match Preview,Tips and Predictions(16/08/2021)

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In the first round of La Liga this season, Elche faced off against Bilbao. You should know that in the final round of last season, it was Bilbao’s loss that kept Elche in La Liga.Can Bilbao get revenge against Elche this season?


The team Elche was able to relegate last season by taking Bilbao 2-0 in the last round.
This season, the team did not make any obvious actions in the transfer market. With the Spanish media predicting that Elche will end up in the bottom three this season.This had to make the home team play up and start getting points early.

Looking at the warm-up games, the overall performance was quite decent. Compared to the defense, it is obvious that the offensive end of the performance is average.

To face Bilbao in this game, if they can show the attitude of last season, they still have a chance to get points. After all, there are also fans who can enter this game, which is still good for the underdog.

Elche vs Athletic Bilbao:Spain La Liga Match Preview,Tips and Predictions

Athletic Bilbao

The visiting team Bilbao, in the last two seasons, the team basically relies on the home field to get points. The away games are very bad in every season. Only 3 to 4 wins in a season.This is really unbelievable for a team with 250 million investment.

The team is more active in the transfer market this season, signing players in succession to strengthen the team. The players who are on loan are also returning.

I am still optimistic about Bilbao this season. The team has a big advantage in facing Elche in this game, and it also performed well in the warm-up game. There is still a good chance to win.

Comprehensive analysis

This game is a very obvious advantage for the away team, both in terms of ability and input in this game. The two regions are very close to each other, and I believe there will be many Bilbao fans there to support the match.

To sum up, the away team will not have too many chances to win this match, and a draw may be relatively safe at the moment.

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