HomeTipsLille OSC vs Paris Saint-Germain :French Super Cup Final Tips and Predictions(01/08/2021)

Lille OSC vs Paris Saint-Germain :French Super Cup Final Tips and Predictions(01/08/2021)

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In the French Cup final, Lille will chase the title with Saint-Germain.

Lille OSC

Lille is last season’s Ligue 1 champion, although in the end, they only managed to overpower Ligue 1’s former dominant player, Paris, by 1 point.

From the data side, although 64 goals ranked only the 4th in the league’s attacking ability, but the team only conceded 23 goals in the season, the best defensive team in Ligue 1 last season. As you can see from this, good defense has made Lille’s championship dream come true.

Lille OSC vs Paris

Lille’s new season will also be a lot of changes in the lineup, the core of the midfield Sumare moved to Leicester City, the main goalkeeper Maignan joined AC Milan. The departure of these 2 players still had some impact on the team.

Although Lille prepared for the pre-season, the results of the warm-up games were not satisfactory. 5 games were played with only 1 win, 1 draw and 3 losses, and 3 of them scored no goals. The opponents such as Porto and Benfica are the giants of the Portuguese Super League, but there is still a gap between the Portuguese Super League and the five major leagues.

Lille played against Big Paris last season, and although they won 1 and drew 1 in the league, they lost to their opponents in the French Cup.

Lille OSC vs Paris

Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint-Germain is the dominant team in Ligue 1. Last season, the team had to play on multiple fronts, not only in the domestic league and cup, but also in the UEFA Champions League.From the perspective of statistics, Paris scored 86 goals last season and is still the most powerful offensive team in Ligue 1.

Paris Saint-Germain made a lot of changes to its lineup in the off-season, during which Ashraf, Ramos and Werner Durham were brought in, and the strength of the team was substantially improved. But unfortunately, due to the intensive schedule of Europa League and Copa America, which led to the failure of Neymar and Di Maria and others to return in time, it still had an impact on the team’s front line strength.In addition, the team’s top scorer Mbappe has been rumored to transfer, whether its athletic status to return to the peak remains to be seen.

Comprehensive Analysis

Last season, Paris was overwhelmed by Lille and lost the league title, so the team is not lacking in motivation. Support Paris to win this game.

The chart below shows the current data of this match as shown by 1XBET. The stats are more favorable to Paris.

Lille OSC vs Paris

Prediction:Paris -0.25

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