HomeTipsJapan vs Mexico:Tokyo Olympics Soccer Tips and Predictions(25/07/2021)

Japan vs Mexico:Tokyo Olympics Soccer Tips and Predictions(25/07/2021)

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On July 25, the hosts Japan will welcome another strong opponent at home. This time, the opponent is not the weak South Africa in the last round, but the hard-playing Mexico. Although only the Olympic Games, even and FIFA points are not related, but after all, it is at home, Japan attaches great importance to this. But with the style of play of both sides, I’m afraid that Japan will need a lot of luck to win.


Japan has taken the Olympics very seriously, and although they didn’t put in all their best players, they did call up Maya Yoshida, Hiroki Sakai, and even Wataru Endo, both of whom are experienced defenders who have played in the top five leagues for years. Wataru Endo, 28, was just rated as an intercontinental midfielder by Kicker and is now a superstar in the Asian game.

Japan vs Mexico


Mexico did not call up their players from the top 5 leagues this time, all the players came from the domestic league and did not look too serious about the game.

But Mexico’s ability is undeniable, in the last round they beat France U23 4-1, although France sent a rather random-looking lineup. But the ability of this youth team of Mexico is evident.

In six games this year, Mexico has won 4 and drawn 2, and is in pretty good shape, scoring 5 goals and conceding 5 in the six games. Both the offense and defense have maintained very good form.

Japan vs Mexico

comprehensive analysis

Overall, the two teams are very close.

Japan’s side has a very strong control in the middle and back because of the addition of several senior players. However, the height of the players is relatively short and they are afraid of the simple direct passing tactics.

In addition, the Mexican players are technically very good, and the physicality of the midfield and back is stronger than Japan. Japan’s goalkeeper is a youngster, so the probability of Mexico winning is a bit higher.

Prediction:Mexico -0.25

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