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Kazakhstan vs Belarus Prediction 22 September 2022

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Kazakhstan will take on Belarus in round 5 of UEFA Nations League (League C). The match will take place at Astana Arena in Nur-Sultan on Thursday, September 22nd. This year,

Kazakh has achieved notable results. The Hawks could play in Division D of League of Nations. They faced Moldova in the playoffs in spring. After winning on the road, the Kazakhs won 2-1. However, they lost only minimally at home and were better in the crucial penalty shootout. This was Karpovich’s last act of duty. He was replaced by Adiev. Mohammed is doing well. His debut was with Azerbaijan’s 2-0, but he then won 2 fights against Slovakia, his main opponent, and only shared points with Belarusians. Media reported that clubs have expressed interest in the coach. He promised that he would remain in charge during this international break.

Belarus has not been able to show anything for a while. Friendly matches are where the “Syabry’ can shine. It is a good combination. The coaches are changing. For example, Georgy Kondratiev, an experienced coach, is now working. However, the results remain very weak. It is unlikely that it will be able to beat other former Soviet republics. A draw was also achieved in a match at home with Kazakhstan, played in Serbian Novi Sad. There were also 0-0 matches with Azerbaijan. They lost to Slovakia before that. The Azerbaijanis were at 2 to 0 at the end of the June “window”. The clip from 2022 shows Kontsevoy, the Rostov-based injured Selyava, and no debutant. There is still a clip that shows the players who haven’t been called up in a while, but they appear to be in good condition – Bordachev Chernik Skavysh Korzun and Lisakovich. The results are however still quite weak.

Belarus wins against the Kazakhs. There were 8 head-tohead matches. The “syabry”, with 2 draws, managed to win 6 victories. The duel was won in Serbia this year by 1-1. Every member of the Kazakhstan national team knows that a win guarantees them 1st place. Slovakia is 4 points behind. We are still waiting for the crucial victory of the “hawks” as it is unlikely Belarus can resist.

Prediction: Kazakhstan to Win

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