HomeTipsMexico vs Brazil:Tokyo Olympics Soccer Tips and Predictions(03/08/2021)

Mexico vs Brazil:Tokyo Olympics Soccer Tips and Predictions(03/08/2021)

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Mexico will compete with Brazil for a ticket to the final in the men’s Olympic soccer semifinals on Aug. 3.

Mexico U-23

This national Olympic team, basically a fringe grouping of the Mexican national team, 2nd echelon 3rd echelon so a level.

Let’s look at their performance in this Olympics first.

Mexico record

It is worth mentioning that this game between Mexico and South Korea is the first time in the history of the Korean National Olympic Games to concede more than six goals.

It can be seen that Mexico as a whole seems to have a very strong ability on the offensive end of this team, especially the cooperation of the 3 people in the front court. This relies on the continuous improvement of the level of the local league.

However, we can also find that the defense is also the weakness of this team. Facing Asia, Japan conceded 2 goals at half time, and with Korea conceded 3 goals.

Today’s game will be against Brazil, a technical team. If Mexico wants to win, it must defend well and not concede too early. At the same time, the Mexicans should also play the offense that they are good at, and put some pressure on Brazil’s defense.

Brazil U-23

This Olympic Games, Brazil is also the call-up of the absolute main players of the five leagues, including the excellent players of the Brazilian league and veterans like Alves.

Overall, Brazil’s strength should be the same as Spain is the favorite to win gold in this Olympic Games.Several of the previous victories were expected in the Brazilian pair.

Brazil record

Today to face Mexico, the London Olympics final repeat, the Brazilians must be revenge. With Brazil’s current strength, as long as they adjust themselves, want to step over Mexico should still have a great chance.

This game against Mexico, should try to In the half-time to take the lead. Because once the time is longer, the Brazilians are not young at the back.

Mexico vs Brazil

Comprehensive Analysis

Brazil’s win can simply be said to be a sure thing. Mexico wants to remain undefeated in regular time, or even eliminate Brazil, it is very difficult. But because Brazil’s scoring points are too concentrated (Rishalisong 5 goals), if the Mexican defense is well done, then there is a possibility of cold.

Prediction: Brazil-0.25

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