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Prediction: Paderborn vs Karlsruher 17 July 2022

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Paderborn will take on Karlsruher. The match will take place at Home Deluxe Arena (Paderborn) on Sunday, July 17.

Paderborn are a mid-table Bundesliga 2 team. In the past decade, the White-Blues rose to the German top flight twice. Both cases ended in an abrupt departure and the loss of the last place. In addition, they were able to slip into the third division for two seasons. It now appears to be the middle peasant in its league. They were 9th in the last draw, just after being returned from the elite. According to the results of 2021/2022 championship, this was 2 places higher. The Pole Kwasnek was able to maintain his position as head coach after this year’s progress. Grishkevich, a Gurnik native, will be the mentor and should, it seems to me, replace Collins who has moved to Cardiff. In recent years,

Karlsruhe has added. In 2017, the “Eurofighter”, flew to the third division of the country. They were only able to get back from there after two years. After rising to the Bundesliga 2, it was initially a struggle for survival. They finished 15th. They managed to climb up to 6th in the 2020/2021 draw! Although they were able to climb to 6th place in the 2020/2021 draw, there was a rollback that took them outside of the “equator”, which brought them down to 12th. However, 41 points were achieved, which was a very worthy result. They didn’t have the worry of being relegated. Christian Eichner, who has held this position since 2020, is now the head coach. The squad has seen a significant boost, with the loan of Nebel from Mainz, who was a young, reliable substitute in Bundesliga 1 last year.

Karlsruhe took 4 points in a pair head-to-head matches during the 2020/2021 season. In the next draw, Paderborn replied the same. According to experts, Paderborn is capable of winning at home. We will be limiting ourselves to “under 3.5 goals” at the beginning of the season.

Prediction: The match will be played with under 3.5 goals.

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