HomeTipsSlavia Prague vs Legia Warsaw:UEFA Europa League Match Preview,Tips and Predictions(19/08/2021)

Slavia Prague vs Legia Warsaw:UEFA Europa League Match Preview,Tips and Predictions(19/08/2021)

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The UEFA Champions League and the UEFA Europa League qualifying matches are currently in full swing, and this game will see Slavia Prague vs Warsaw Legion in the UEFA Cup play-offs.

Whoever wins the two-legged encounter will succeed in advancing to the UEFA Cup main round to gain a significant amount of prize money and exposure. This is a valuable opportunity for teams from outside the top five leagues, so both sides will be motivated.

With the same high motivation,who is stronger?

Slavia Prague vs Legia Warsaw

First, the price of Slavia Prague crushes the Warsaw Army

The whole team of Warsaw Army is only about 23 million, and the highest priced player is only 3.5 million.While Slavia Prague’s total price is up to 93 million Euros, nearly 4 times of Warsaw Army.

Their three front court players, Sima, Olainka and Kukhta, are worth more than Warsaw’s entire team, and Slavia Prague’s overall strength is completely crushing Warsaw.

Second, Slavia Prague is in better shape and more prepared

In the new season, Slavia Prague manager Tropisovsky continues to stay on, and has already brought six titles to the team in his 2.5 years in office.

This year’s squad has retained the same main framework as before, with only one midfielder bought from the Olympic League and the rest on loan.

The team has won all three games in the league and rotated its lineup in the last round, like the leading scorer Schranz who was on the bench and came on in the second half to prepare for this game.

The Warsaw Army’s lack of rotation is starting to show up due to multiple fronts. The main reason for the double victory in the UEFA Champions League is that the Polish First Division has not yet started, so the team does not need to be distracted from the league.

But as the league progressed, problems appeared. Therefore, the team lost to promoted Radomijak in the league and to Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League Cup. Although they beat Vatapoznan in the last match, the team’s main players were all out, which is a clear sign that the team shifted its focus to the league.

Third, Slavia Prague has sufficient experience in European competition

UEFA Europa League

Slavia Prague was very impressive in the UEFA Cup last year. When they faced English Premier League rivals Leicester City after the group stage, Slavia Prague relied on its tenacity to knock the Blue Foxes out of the competition when everyone thought Leicester City would advance by a big margin.

The morale was soaring, and Prague still did not lose against Rangers, the Scottish Premier League champions, and continued to soar.

Unfortunately, they met Arsenal in the semi-final. Although Arsenal is not as strong as before, they still have the strength to play in the UEFA Europa League, and Prague had no choice but to go out due to the big difference in strength.This team is already very admirable to reach the semi-finals.

And Warsaw has participated in a lot of UEFA Champions League playoffs, but year after year to run with.

Comprehensive analysis

Combined with the above three points, Slavia Prague has the advantage on all fronts, what can Warsaw do to resist? I prefer to support Slavia Prague in this match, and I think they can beat Warsaw.

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