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Slovakia vs Belarus Prediction 25 September 2022

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Slovakia will take on Belarus in round 6 of UEFA Nations League (League C). The match will take place at TSC Arena (Backa Topola), on Sunday, September 24, 2010.

Slovakia did not impress even at this level. Last year, “Repre” played at the Euro. They even won over Poland to begin their journey. However, neither team was forced out of the group. The League of Nations Division B was also abandoned by the Slovaks. They were considered an unconditional favorite at a lower level. They lost both of their June fights to Kazakhstan, however. It was also able to win the fight against both Azerbaijan and Belarusians. It is not surprising they chose to change their mentor. Calzona, a well-known Italian coach, was the new coach. Francesco began with a match against Azerbaijan at home. His wards were the ones that remained behind for most of the match in Trnava. Finally, after equalizing with a penalty kick in overtime, they were able to concede the decisive goal.

Belarus didn’t surprise with anything in 2022. At one point, the “Syabry”, although not the main players, were considered contenders for the play-offs to reach the final tournaments. This isn’t the first time that the team has been left hanging among the outsiders. In last year’s qualification, there were 8 qualifying matches and 7 defeats. Under the guidance of Georgy Kondratiev, nothing is changing. The fact that there is no way to play at home in their stadiums according to UEFA rules does not increase the chance. In the matches of June, there were only one goal and two points in four matches. Ironically, this was how the Kazakhs were tripped by the Belarusians who played with the leader 1-1. September began with a trip from faraway Astana. The team fought and responded to the Kazakhs’ first goal, but ultimately lost 1-2.

The Slovakian team won 1-0 in Novi Sad in June. This was an away match. Prior to that, there had been qualifying matches for Euro 2016. In which teams exchanged away wins. The Belarusians must be defeated at home. We predict that Slovakia will win the match with a handicap of “-1 goal”.

Prediction: Slovakia will win with -1.0 handicap

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