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South Korea vs Mexico:Tokyo Olympics Soccer Tips and Predictions(31/07/2021)

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On July 31, 2021, South Korea U23 will take on Mexico U23 in the Olympic Men’s Final 8.

South Korea

South Korea U23 has performed well in this Olympics, with 2 wins and 1 loss in 3 group matches. The team defeated New Zealand U23 0-1 in the first match, but showed its strong side in the next two matches, first sweeping Romania U23 4-0 and then beating Honduras U23 6-0 to get the first place in Group B with 6 points and successfully reap the qualification for the final 8.

South Korea U23 called up its strongest squad for this season’s roster. Hwang Yi-suk scored a hat-trick in the last match, and Lee Kang-in scored 3 goals in the group stage. These two players are in excellent form at present. In addition, the defensive side of the team is solid, and in the 3 group games, only the first round was broken by the opponent.

South Korea vs Mexico


Mexico U23 also performed well in this Olympics, with 2 wins and 1 loss in 3 group games, ranking 2nd in Group A with 6 points. The team defeated France U23 4-1 in their first match, although the game was not too good on the field, with 49% of possession. However, it is important to know that the opponent’s strength is strong, and it gave the team confidence to take down the opponent under such circumstances.

Mexico U23 only lost to the hosts Japan U23 in the group stage, and this result is not to be blamed, after all, the opponent has the advantage of location. Mexico U23 is not particularly strong in this year’s squad, with a total team cost of 94.1 million euros, the 7th ranked team participating in this year’s Olympics. Mexico U23’s attack is very sharp, the current attack is second only to the team of this opponent South Korea U23.

Comprehensive analysis

For the Korean game, you have to say is the topic of military service. You know that all Korean men have to serve in the military, the shortest cycle is a year and a half, not yet anyone can choose. So for an athlete to delay that long would basically say goodbye to good athletic performance. So when they can have the opportunity to be exempt, they will fight hard for it. The Olympics is obviously the opportunity, knowing that at the moment South Korea only has to step over Mexico to get to the next top 4. So you can see why the call-up no matter who from which club, the players will come over to gather immediately.

South Korea vs Mexico

Mexico also does have the problem that the attitude of the players is not as good as that of the Korean team. To participate in the Olympic Games, like Mexico, Ivory Coast, these teams, players have a strong desire to perform individually, hoping to improve their value through the competition.

The game against South Korea, it can be said that the familiarity, commitment to the state, the wariness do not occupy the advantage. And South Korea’s substitutes are as good, while Mexico’s substitutes are few and far between. Then Mexico can only hope to end the battle with 90 minutes. Once into overtime, South Korea’s advantage will be more obvious. So this game Mexico also need to better grasp the opportunity to have hope to advance.

Facing Mexico Korea has many advantages, including advanced playing style, familiar climate, and the venue will help Korea to win. So this game as long as Korea still has a good chance to win the game.

South Korea vs Mexico

This matchup has a slight advantage for Mexico in terms of 1XBET data. So it might be a good gamble to choose to bet on South Korea.

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