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HomeTipsSpain vs Argentina:Tokyo Olympics Soccer Tips and Predictions(28/07/2021)

Spain vs Argentina:Tokyo Olympics Soccer Tips and Predictions(28/07/2021)

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On July 28, the final round of the group stage of the Olympic men’s soccer tournament will take place. As the most popular team in this year’s Cup, Spain’s match naturally attracts countless attentions. Their opponent this time will be the traditional South American giants Argentina.

Spain has sent most of their national team to the Olympics this time, and every player is a known star. In contrast, Argentina’s stars are very dim. The winner of this match will directly qualify for the tournament, so the situation is certainly very intense.

Spain vs Argentina


The Spanish squad has fielded in this Olympics is simply horrible. They have almost copied their European Cup quarterfinals squad, with a combined cost of nearly 600 million euros. This is definitely the most luxurious team in the scope of the national Olympic team competition. This Spain has too many stars, and also almost no overage players, which will have to sigh the power of Spain’s youth training.

However, Spain’s performance in the first two games of the group stage is not in line with their price. Such a lineup should be able to run roughshod over the Olympics in the eyes of most fans. But they were drawn by Egypt in the first round and scored only one goal against Australia in the second round. The overall performance is really not good. To some extent, this has something for their physical condition. Most of their players have just experienced the high intensity of the Euros.

Spain vs Argentina


Compared with Spain, the physical condition of this Argentina team is much better. Almost no one in the Argentine National Olympic team was selected for the previous Copa America team, so they have plenty of physical reserves. However, this also means that they are not the strongest team, and in some positions they are not even in the second team. Although most of the Argentine national team members play in the five leagues, but the popularity can not be compared with Spain.

This shows that Argentina does not pay attention to the Olympic Games. In the first two rounds, Argentina’s performance also met people’s expectations, losing 0-2 to Australia in the first game, and winning Egypt in the second game, but it was only 1-0.

Comprehensive Analysis

This Spanish squad is much stronger than Argentina’s. Although it is said that the national Olympic team competition is the traditional advantage of South America, but this Argentina is not even the second team, the ability to compete is really limited.

Spain’s team is the top four giants of the European Cup, the gap between the two sides in the strength of the lineup is very obvious. Considering the objective gap between the two teams, the probability of Spain winning is very high.

Prediction:Spain -0.75

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