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Sweden vs Canada:Tokyo Olympic Women’s Soccer final Tip and Prediction(06/08/2021)

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On Thursday, August 6, Sweden and Canada will compete for the championship of women’s soccer in this year’s Tokyo Olympics.


Sweden’s women’s soccer team has been invincible in this year’s Olympics. From the group stage to the knockout stage, they won all five matches and made it to the final.

Sweden record

In terms of statistics, Sweden scored 13 goals in 5 games and conceded 3, including 3 clean sheets. The offensive and defensive performance is very strong.

The team’s style of play is quite distinctive, and the team’s attacking methods in front of the field are very diverse, and the play on the two sides is also very sharp.

Sweden’s women’s soccer team is now ranked 5th in the world and is a traditional powerhouse in women’s soccer. They were ranked second in the odds before the tournament, right behind the United States.

Sweden vs Canada

After a 3:0 victory over the dominant Olympic team in the first round of the group stage, Sweden became the number one favorite to win the tournament.

From the perspective of the lineup, the players are basically playing in the top five European league teams. Previously in the group stage, both Blakkestenius and Huttig played well and were the core players in the front line. Especially the main striker, Blakkestenius, has contributed 4 goals to the team in 5 Olympic games.

Sweden has broken down the world’s best teams they have encountered along the way. In this match, Sweden will never let all these efforts go down the drain easily.

The Swedish women’s soccer team is in its golden generation and is expected to win its first-ever Olympic trophy at this year’s Olympics.

Sweden VS Canada


Canada has participated in the Women’s World Cup seven times, four times stopping in the group stage, once in the quarterfinals, once in the top 8, and once in the top 16.This is the first time in their history that they have reached the Olympic finals.

The overall performance of the Canadian women’s soccer team at this year’s Olympics is okay.

The team won 1 and drew 2 in the group stage, and qualified for the group with the 2nd place.

Compared to the high-flying Swedish women’s soccer team, Canada’s road to the Olympics was a bit tortuous.

In the knockout stage, the team had a tough time, after all, they faced strong teams, such as Brazil, and the last Women’s World Cup champion, the United States. However, the team was able to overcome all the obstacles and finally made it to the final, which can be said to be the biggest dark horse of this year’s Olympic women’s football.

Canada Record

In the two games of the knockout stage, although no goals were conceded, only one goal was scored in the two games. The team wants to beat the Swedish women in the final, just rely on a solid defense is very difficult to go to the championship, the urgent need to solve the problem of weakness in the offensive end.

Comprehensive analysis

From the past records of these two teams, the Swedish women’s soccer team is also more advantageous. In the last three meetings, they have won 2 and drawn 1.

The two teams have met 12 times since 2008, with Sweden winning 5, drawing 3 and losing 4, scoring 14 goals on the offensive side and conceding 10 on the defensive side, giving them a slight advantage. This is also in line with the current world ranking of both teams (Sweden 5th, Canada 9th).

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