HomeTipsTurkey vs Norway: Predictions,Betting Tips,and Odds| World Cup Qualification.Europe (08/10/2021)

Turkey vs Norway: Predictions,Betting Tips,and Odds| World Cup Qualification.Europe (08/10/2021)

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Turkey (Home Team)

Turkey’s performance has taken a sharp turn for the worse since the Euros, with all three main lines of players playing for Lille in poor form, resulting in the team’s counter-attack no longer being sharp. Without the support of the offense, the shortcomings of the defense were also exposed. The 1-6 defeat to the Netherlands in the last match also led to the departure of the manager Güneş, and the new manager Konz had difficulty in re-integrating the team in a short time.The other two main center backs, Seryunju and Kabak, are suspended and the team’s strength is damaged.

Turkey has failed to meet fans’ expectations in 8 consecutive matches in various tournaments, and the overall form is rather low, and the team lacks sufficient competitiveness in both offense and defense as previously mentioned. Currently, the team is ranked 3rd in Group G with 11 points, only 2 points away from the Netherlands and Norway in front.


Norway (away team)

Norway has announced the absence of Harland due to injury. The team has been more consistent after adjusting the midfield, strengthening the defense and improving the attacking ability of the side. Although Haaland is absent, but the forwards of El Yunusi and Joshua King are doing well in the new season in the EPL, Norway’s offensive line will not be affected too much.

Although Norway did not make it to the final round of the Euros this summer, its recent form is quite good. In last month’s World Qualifying Tournament, Norway won 2 and drew 1 out of 3 matches. Not only did they draw against the Netherlands, but they also won against Latvia and Gibraltar. The team is capable of playing against strong teams.


Comprehensive Analysis

Norway is the underdog in terms of history. However, in terms of recent performance, Turkey suffered a heavy defeat in the last round by the Netherlands and suffered a serious blow to its morale. Norway, on the other hand, has been on a good run recently, with a 5-1 home win over Gibraltar in the last round, winning two straight matches.

Norway’s ability to play off-site is excellent, so I believe the team will at least be undefeated on the road.

Prediction:Norway win or draw @1.628

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