HomeTipsUEFA Euro 2020 Italy vs Switzerland:Betting tips,Predictions,Odds

UEFA Euro 2020 Italy vs Switzerland:Betting tips,Predictions,Odds

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The Italian team is composed of local elites from several big clubs in Serie A. Together with stars such as Jorginho and Emerson from Chelsea, Verratti and Florenzi from Paris Saint-Germain, the team level is ranked in the top of this year’s Cup. Under Mancini’s leadership, the team performed very well in the Euro qualifying, winning all 10 matches, scoring 34 goals and only conceding 4, with a solid defense. The team is currently in very good form, and its style of play is very relaxed, with the total number of goals scored in the last 3 games exceeding 2 goals.

Italy vs Switzerland


Switzerland is ranked 13th in the world, with a total team value of 283 million Euros, and is currently in the UEFA A division. The team has a number of players who play in the Bundesliga, and the German style of soccer is evident in them. The main center forward N’Goglou scored a key goal for the team in the last round and is in good form. The team’s recent form is also stable. The total number of corner kicks in the last 2 games is 26. The team has an aggressive style of play and has scored a total of 2 goals in 3 of their previous 4 matches.


Italy faced the dark horse team Turkey in the last round, and finally won 3-0, Imperatori and Insigne both scored, and performed very well, the team shot 24-3 in the whole game, and the possession rate was 63%. The history is too long, the data does not have much reference value, the bookies made -0.75 goals for Italy, and then adjusted to -1 high, the support is very obvious.


Italy – 0.75

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