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HomeTipsWatford vs Crystal Palace:ELP Tips,Odds and Predictions(24/08/2021)

Watford vs Crystal Palace:ELP Tips,Odds and Predictions(24/08/2021)

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It’s quite weird that it was expected that promoted Watford would dominate, but now it’s Crystal Palace who are getting more support.

Watford vs Crystal Palace

Watford are in great form having beaten Aston Villa in their first game in the Premier League for their first win in the Premier League. Crystal Palace, on the other hand, are winless in two rounds and have not scored a single goal so far, so why are the statistics showing such fluctuations?

We turn our attention to what the two coaches had to say in their pre-match conference. Watford manager Alex Muñoz mentioned that they will make some rotations for tonight’s EFL Cup match, resting their starters while bringing on their substitutes to play.

The tradition of the EFL Cup

This is an old tradition in the EFL Cup. Many teams in the lower and middle echelons of the league have always been unconcerned about the EFL Cup, after all, not getting relegated is the team’s top priority.

Last year Oxford lost 1-3 to League 2 side Newport, and mid-table sides like Wolves and Southampton lost to lower teams in the second round. So it’s quite plausible that Watford will rotate in this one.

Then Crystal Palace are also a lower mid-table team, so why is he favoured? The reason is also simple, because this year Crystal Palace is different from previous years.

Watford vs Crystal Palace

Huge changes made at Crystal Palace

First of all, Crystal Palace made a lot of changes in the summer window, with former Arsenal stalwart Vieira becoming the new manager and Sakho, Van Aanholt, Townsend, Wickham, Dann, McCarthy and many other players leaving the team. The management put up over 50 million Euros to match Vieira’s rebuild.

The team brought in 21 year old potential centre back McGeoy from the Chelsea youth team, 25 year old centre back Anderson at Lyon and 19 year old striker Oliseh from Reading. The majority of Crystal Palace’s reinforcements this year have been in the form of youngsters, looking to replicate Chelsea’s previous route.

With a new manager and new players, Crystal Palace are still in a process of settling in and are definitely not in the same form as before in both attack and defence. Hence the 3-0 loss to Chelsea in the first game of the new season and the 0-0 draw by promotion rivals Brentford.

What this current Crystal Palace team needs is time. So at yesterday’s pre-match conference, Vieira said, “It will be the best starting line-up to face Watford tonight, hopefully finding form for the players with a win.”

Comprehensive Analysis

This is the reason why Crystal Palace are backed, although it is said that they are in a slight slump in form, the main players who are playing others on the bench have a chance to stay unbeaten.

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