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Explanation of Pleaser Bets–Sports Betting Type Ⅷ

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If you are an adventurous bettor who thinks it is worth taking big risks to get a substantial return. Then the type of bet we are going to present today will suit you well.It is Pleaser Bets.

If you are a cautious bettor, then try spending a little money once in a while. It can add to the fun of betting.

Pleaser Bets can also be seen as a type of parlay bets, similar to Teaser bets, which one we have talked about in our previous share:

Explanation of Teasers Bets

Teaser bets can reduce the risk of betting and increase the probability of winning by selecting the number of points. Pleaser bets are the exact opposite.

Explanation of Pleaser Bets

what are Pleaser bets

Pleaser bets are also a type of Parlay betting, which one you need to make multiple selections. These choices are either point spread bets or total bets. It is only when all these selections are correct that you can get your bonus.

Here’s an example to help you understand.

Explanation of Pleaser Bets

In these two games, if you choose to bet the point spread on the favorites Dynamo Kyiv and Atalanta respectively, then when Dynamo Kyiv wins by more than three goals and Atalanta wins by more than four goals, you will win and take the payout.

If you place a Pleaser bet on both games, then your winning conditions will change. Assuming you choose a 2 point Plesaer, Dynamo Kyiv needs to win by 5 goals or more and Atalanta needs to win by at least 3 goals difference. If either team fails to do so, then your bet will fail.

Benefits and drawbacks of Pleaser bets

Pleaser bets make betting more challenging, moving the point spread in a direction that is unfavorable to the bettor. The extent of the movement depends on the number of points you choose. Pleaser bets are more difficult to win than parlay bets, which dictates that the payouts are more enticing.

If your selection includes a totals bet, it works the same way and it will move your totals in the direction that is harder to win. Let’s say a game has a total of 5 points, in a 3 point Plesaer bet if you bet on the under, the total will become 2 points.If you bet on the over, the total becomes 7 points.

Explanation of Pleaser Bets

Variables that affect Pleaser bets payouts

There are two variables related to the potential profitability of Pleaser bets:

  • the points moved
  • the number of matches selected

The number of points offered by different sportsbooks may vary. The common denominator is that the greater the number of points moved, the higher the odds and the greater the potential payout.

The more selections in a Pleaser bet, the higher the odds and the higher the potential winnings.


Pleaer bets are for the adventurous and the profits it brings are particularly tempting.

Although it is difficult to win, it is not necessary to ignore it completely, sometimes we can try to take a small risk in order to reap unexpected surprises.As long as we control our original stake and don’t expect too much from the results, just for fun.

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