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Explanation of common sports betting types(2021)

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With the boom in sports betting, the types of bets have changed into a variety of forms. To make your sports betting adventure a little smoother, this article will introduce you to the major types of bets and how they work.

If you are interested in a particular type of betting, drop us a line and we will come up with an article to tell you more about it as soon as possible.

There are several main types of bets:

Common Types of sports betting

1Moneyline Bets/ Win Bets
2Totals  Bets
3Futures /Outright Bets
4Point Spread /Handicap Betting
5Teasers and Pleasers
6Parlays /Accumulators bets
7if /reverse bets
8Specials/Proposition Bets

1.Moneyline Bets/ Win Bets

Moneyline Bets /Win Bets are two expressions for one type of bet. They mean the same thing.In the USA this betting type is called Moneyline Bets, in other regions it is called Win Bets.How you call it depends on the city you live in.

This is one of the simpler types of bets. In sports betting, just pick the team you think is likely to win and bet on it.

Here is an example to illustrate this for you.

This year’s European Cup final is between Italy and Englishland. Before the match, you bet on England as the host country as you think they have a better chance of winning. If you assume that Italy, without the big names but with a good overall team effort, is more likely to win the final trophy, bet on Italy.It all depends on who you think is more likely to win.

sports betting types

2.Totals Bets

Totals Bets is what they are called in the US, elsewhere they are known as Over/Under Bets, whatever you call it, it is another simple type of bet. In football, it is generally the total number of goals scored by both teams in a match. Before a match starts, the bookmaker will post a specified total. All you have to do is guess that the final match result will be higher/lower than the specified total and place a bet.

Let’s use the European Cup final as an example. Suppose before the final, the bookies announce that the specified total for the match is 2.5. If you think that both teams are defending so tightly that it will be difficult to find a goal and that the final total for both teams will be no more than 2.5, then you bet on less than 2.5.

The result proves to be a 1:1 draw between the two teams in 90 minutes of regulation play, with the total under 2.5. You win and get the prize.

3.Outright / Futures Bets

The main difference between Futures Bets and other types of bets is that they are placed a long time before the start of the tournament. If you are placing Futures Bets on the European Cup, then you must bet on the team you think will win the European Cup before the first official match starts. This type of betting is much more difficult as you won’t know any specific information about the tournament and how each team will perform. If you get it right, the payout you get is also more substantial. High returns also mean high risk.

If you bet on Italy to win this year before the Euros start, you’ll get a great bonus.

sports betting types

4.Point Spread /Handicap Betting

Another common type of betting is Point Spread, known as Handicap Betting outside of the U.S. This type of betting is based on the premise that the bookmaker determines which team will win the match and then determines how many points that team will beat the opponent. You judge the score set by the bookmaker as too high/too low and place your bet.

European Cup final, this means that the bookmaker thinks England will beat Italy by one goal in the match. If you think England will beat Italy by at least one goal, you bet on England. If you think England will draw or even lose against Italy, then you bet on Italy. You must choose which of these two options you think is correct to bet on.

5.Teasers and Pleasers

This type of bet is similar to the Accumulators bet in that they both require you to make more than one selection and place a bet.

The difference is that the Teasers bet can move the spread in your favour during the course of the game, increasing your chances of winning. Overall, Teasers bets are more bettor friendly than Accumulators bets.

Pleasers bet is the opposite. It also requires the spread to be moved against you, making it more difficult for you to win. Therefore Pleasers bet is the most risky and rewarding.

6.Parlays and Accumulators

The next type of bet we will get to know is the relatively complex one. It is more suitable for you to try after a period of exposure to sports betting. This is because you need to make more than one selection for your bet and you will only be paid out if all of these selections prove to be correct. If one of the selections is wrong, your stake will be wiped out.

For example, you need to make a Accumulators bet on six consecutive football matches, and only if all six matches are bet correctly will you get a big bonus. Because Parlays bets require multiple results to be won, it is more lucrative and riskier.

Especially if you are new to Parlays, it is advisable to bet with a small bankroll.

sports betting types

7.if and reverse bets

If and reverse bets are the most difficult type of bet to understand, and it also requires a combination of two or more bets.

With If bets, when your previous bet is proven wrong, all your next bets are cancelled. This is a less risky type of bet than Accumulators.

Reverse bets can be understood as consisting of two if bets. First you need to select a first choice and a second choice on the first part of your bet as your first if bets, and then make another if bets selection on the second part of the bet. It works as two if bets.

8.Specials/Proposition Bets

If you want to bet on something other than just winning or losing, for example, which player will score first in a match, or whether the player scoring the goal will use his left or right foot, you can choose Proposition Bets. This type of bet is also known as Specials, and you can bet on as many things as you want.


Now that we know the main types of bets. You can bet on the betting types that suit your preferences. It is recommended that you start with the simple bet types and then try the more complex ones when you are familiar with the rules of betting.

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