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A very simple strategy to increase your win rate when playing online sports betting

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Playing sports betting is not a way to get rich quick, and statistics show that roughly 90% of gamblers are in the red, and there are certainly a lot of bad decisions being made here. Well, after years of research we have shown that if you follow some good rules and the right betting strategy, you will be among the 10% who succeed. Below we will give you effective advice based on the experience of our top players.

A very simple strategy to increase your win rate when playing online sports betting

What not to do in sports betting?

  1. Trying to get rich overnight
  2. Betting on high odds
  3. Betting too much money
  4. lose your mind
  5. trying to find a way to roll over

Of course, avoiding the above things that you shouldn’t do doesn’t guarantee that you’ll make money. The only way to get a regular win is to implement another major strategy: no bettor will win all these bets. Before I show you an example strategy, do some math: 1.20 odds means you have an 83.33% chance of winning, 1.50 odds means a 66.66% chance of winning, and 2.00 odds means you have a 50% chance of winning. These odds take into account a number of criteria such as starting lineups, formations and even weather factors …… It is important to relate the odds to the risk you are taking to better understand your investment.

Strategies for Sports Betting Professionals

The following examples are taken from the bettors with the highest win rates in France. Many players are now using this method to gain regular long-term returns.

Here is how we recommend you to use the 155€ funds. Usually choose odds between 1.70 and 2.20 for the game. We will use our example of 2.00.

This 155€ capital is divided into 6 incremental levels. Each level includes the sum of the previous one. Thanks to this “insurance” you can make money, but there is no such thing as zero risk. If you lose 6 bets in a row, you will lose all 155 euros. You really should be unlucky, but anything can happen (if you place 6 bets at odds of 2.00, there is a 1.56% chance of losing everything). The principle is to make up your losses on the next bet, while adding an extra bet to generate a unit of profit. Each time you win, you start the process from the beginning.

The capital is 155 € and your 6 levels are 1 € / 4 € / 9 € / 20 € / 41 € / 80 €

Bet 1 lose: bet 1 € odds 2.00 win 0 € profit -1 €
Bet 2 lose: bet € 4 odds 2.00 win € 0 profit – € 4
Bet 3 lose: bet € 9 odds 2.00 to win € 0 profit – € 9
Bet 4 to lose: bet € 20 odds 2.00 to win € 0 profit – € 20
Bet 5 win: bet € 41 € odds 2.00 win € 82 € profit + 41 €
Total profit: 7 €

You will see that even if we lose 2 times in a row, the first winning bet will allow us to end with a profit. After placing a winning bet, you will bet again from the first level until you win the first bet.

Thus, it is possible to generate income from sports betting, but it requires time, investment and a lot of experience. Without long experience with the help of expert players, it is almost impossible for you to generate profits. Therefore, before placing your first bet, please take some time to read the advice on our website. In addition, we recommend you to bet on the bonus given by 1xbet at the time of registration.(When signing up to 1xbet please enter the promo code 100×100 and you will get a 100% bonus on your first deposit.) This is the best strategy to reduce the risk of playing sports betting.

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