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Ancelotti will face a huge challenge in the new season at Real Madrid, trying to bring in Everton’s core Richarlison de Andrade(01/08/2021)

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This summer has been brutal for Real Madrid fans, and even more disastrous for the new Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti!

Ancelotti makes a request for reinforcements

Florentino’s selling practices made Ancelotti extremely unhappy. Ancelotti, who is confident and wants to lead Real Madrid in the league and the Champions League, has also put forward his request for reinforcements to Florentino. It is reported that the Brazilian striker Richarlison , who was favoured by Ancelotti last season when he was in charge of Everton, is the number one candidate in the Italian veteran’s reinforcements plan.


Richarlison – the soul of Everton

Last season at Everton, the team’s leading scorer was England midfielder Loewen, but Ancelotti was able to see in time that Richarlison was the soul of Everton.

Although Richarlison has not scored many goals, his key passes for Llewyn and his attributes in pulling the opposition defenders around during the game have been extremely appreciated by Ancelotti. He had been efficient in scoring during the time Llewyn was out due to injury, and perhaps he would have been Everton’s top scorer if he hadn’t given up so many goal-scoring chances to Llewyn. It is this willingness to play as a greenhorn that has kept Ancelotti on his mind even after his arrival at Real Madrid.


The request to bring in Richarlison makes perfect sense

If, going into August, Real Madrid still do not agree on a transfer package for either Harland or Mbappe, the upcoming season will be too much of a challenge for Ancelotti. Although the team has Azhar, Asensio and Benzema at his disposal, the other substitutes are not trusted by Ancelotti.

The fact that Richarlison has no experience of playing for a big team nowadays makes his price tag not too high, and a transfer fee of €55 million is not too difficult for Real Madrid. Richarlison’s price has risen every year since he arrived in Europe, so it is fitting to describe Richarlison as being good value for money.

If Richarlison is in Ancelotti’s starting XI, he will be more effective on the wing than Asensio, and even if he is faced with a situation where he doesn’t fit into La Liga, Ancelotti will be able to find the best position for him by making his own adjustments.


Richarlison needs a bigger platform

Richarlison was always just a passing player for Everton. With Everton’s goal of building a team in recent seasons, it is difficult to keep the Brazilian without a place in Europe. It was only a matter of time before the Brazilian left, and now if Real Madrid can make an offer, then Everton would naturally be willing to do both, giving Richarlison a better platform to develop and getting a certain amount of money at the same time.

Ancelotti has not had too many individual players sitting in the team before, whether he was in charge of Napoli or Everton. He is very much focused on the team as a whole, which is a big plus for Real Madrid who have been short of big names for the past two years. Ancelotti’s decision to bring in Richarlison is due to his ability to link Real Madrid’s midfield together as a unit. Perhaps at 24, Richarlison has reached his own watershed and Ancelotti will be his true mentor.

Richarlison is likely to come to the Bernabeu next season

It was previously revealed by the Spanish media that Real Madrid do not intend to make changes in the centre-back position next, which then means that Real Madrid are still focusing their reinforcements on the central midfield. Perhaps Real Madrid are also waiting for Mbappe’s final decision, and if Mbappe chooses to stay on, then it is highly likely that Richarlison will be parachuted into the Bernabeu next season!

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