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Aymeric Laporte desires to go to La Liga, Manchester City open to the defender’s departure(08/08/2021)

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Recently, the news about Manchester City’s center-back Aymeric Laporte to leave the team has been widely circulated.

Laporte, originally from France, has just become a naturalized Spanish citizen this year and has qualified to play for the Spanish national team.

He played for Spain in the recently concluded Europa League and performed impressively.


Aymeric Laporte Fading to the fringe at City

Laporte is 27 years old and is in his prime. Since joining in the 2017-18 season, he has been the backbone of Manchester City‘s backline. However, last season, his situation gradually became awkward because of the joining of Ruben Diaz and the strong outbreak of Stones, and gradually became a marginal person in Guardiola’s tactical system.

Last season, he played only 27 games for City, and his playing time was greatly compressed. Because of the lack of stable playing time and the hope of starting, Laporte has gradually developed the intention to leave.

According to the latest news from the British media 90min, Laporte has clearly informed the Manchester City hierarchy that he wants to leave the team to play in La Liga and return to the place where his dream began. Laporte has been playing for Athletic Bilbao in La Liga for a long time.

The attitude of Manchester City

Manchester City is open to Laporte’s departure and will agree to let him go if a team can make the right offer. After all, Laporte has become less important after having Ruben Dias and Stones as two central defenders.


Who is interested in Laporte?

From the current point of view, the two giants of La Liga, Real Madrid and Barcelona, are more interested in Laporte. For them, there is a need for reinforcement in the back line. Real Madrid just sent away two central defenders, Ramos and Varane, and Barcelona is also lacking world-class players in the back line. Barca, in particular, is eager for Laporte.

However, it is almost impossible for Barcelona to get Laporte. Quite simply, Barca is too poor to pay Laporte’s transfer fee. When Manchester City signed Laporte from Athletic Bilbao in 2018, it cost a whole 65 million euros. Now, even if Manchester City makes a little less, it must be at least 70 million euros to start. With Barcelona’s current financial strength, they simply can’t afford the transfer fee.

On the contrary, Real Madrid is more likely to sign Laporte.Although they are also suffering from financial difficulties, but they are far from the point where Barca is as desperate. Moreover, Real Madrid can basically raise the money to buy Laporte by cleaning their squad.

So, if Laporte really wants to move to La Liga, the most likely next home is not Barca, but Real Madrid.It depends on whether Real Madrid really wants him or not.

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