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HomeNewsBarcelona interested in Harland's successor Adeyemi(18/11/2021)

Barcelona interested in Harland’s successor Adeyemi(18/11/2021)

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A few days ago, according to Spanish newspaper Fichaje, Barcelona made a first attempt to offer for Salzburg striker Karim Adeyemi.


They want to take the 19-year-old German international in the winter window, and Laporta’s offer of 40 million euros is the highest amount he can make at the moment, although they will have to face stiff competition from Bayern.

Barcelona first recalled Alves after Xavi’s arrival, but this was obviously not enough to make up for the shortcomings of the team’s squad. Barca lacks a stable goal scorer in the attack line, which is the problem that Xavi wants to solve most.

Barcelona interested in Harland's successor Adeyemi

However, with Barca’s current financial situation, it is difficult to attract high priced reinforcements, although it is more moderate than the summer.

In a comprehensive consideration, they set their eyes on Salzburg’s striker Adeyemi.


Born on January 18, 2002, Adeyemi is of Nigerian descent, but was born in Munich. Adeyemi initially spent 2 years in the Bayern youth camp (2009-2011) but did not make it to the professional ladder, after which he joined the Unterhaching youth camp and managed to make it to the U17 and U19 youth ladders.

Adeyemi joined Salzburg back in 2018 and was immediately loaned out for another season and a half before returning in the winter window of 2020. At that time, Hallander happened to leave the team, and Adeyemi filled the void left by Hallander’s departure after a year of hard work.

In a sense, Adeyemi is Harland’s successor in Salzburg.

Barcelona interested in Harland's successor Adeyemi


However, to get Adeyemi, Barca must face competition from Bayern.

Adeyemi spent two years in Bayern’s youth camp, and he is only 19 years old now. After Bayern signed him, he can be counted as a youth player of their own team in the next year, which is a double win.

As Germany’s biggest giants, Bayern’s attraction to German internationals is unmatched by other teams, so it’s still difficult for Barcelona to beat Bayern to get Adeyemi. Whether Laporta can take Adeyemi in the winter window as he wishes, depends on his means.

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