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Barcelona’s teenage wizard: ‘Pedri Porte’ brings Messi-like magic to Camp Nou

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The 19-year old is already Barcelona’s best player and probably the best midfielder, despite only having played one season in Catalonia.

Barca could have noticed his absence in the months after Messi’s tragic departure.

Messi is undoubtedly the greatest player ever to be a part of the club and will continue to be until his contract expires.

Messi was everyone’s favorite name when Barca lost against Atletico Madrid. Are things going to be different for him?

Barca was dead under Ronald Koeman and fell without a trace. Xavi, the Dutch coach, replaced him in November and the team began slowly to recover.

Xavi’s team is easier to recognize, but they are still far from their best. After a 0-3 loss to Bayern, they drew with Osasuna and Sevilla and lost at home to Real Betis.

The team has made some significant improvements in 2022. They beat Atletico Madrid four goals to one in February and then beat Valencia, Athletic Bilbao, and Napoli before beating Osasuna, Osasuna, and arch-rivals Real Madrid.

Barcelona's teenage wizard: 'Pedri Porte' brings Messi-like magic to Camp Nou

Barca’s resurgence can be attributed to many factors, including the signings of Ferran Torres and Aubameyang, as well as the high pressing and other tactical adjustments made to Xavi.

The return of Pedro Gonzalez – perhaps better known as Pedri – is an important factor that has been overlooked.

Fans didn’t notice Pedri’s absence, even though there was some sadness over Messi’s departure. He was unable to play in the first games of the season, including the 4-2 victory over Real Sociedad.

Barcelona lost their all-time top scorer, but they also lost the teenage star who took La Liga by storm in his first game and hasn’t stopped improving ever since.

Pedri, who had been injured, returned to play immediately and showed the same extraordinary level of play as last season. He was a catalyst for Barca’s reemergence in La Liga and their hopes of winning the UEFA Cup. Eintracht Frankfurt will be their first leg in their quarter-final.

It has certainly been noticed in Catalonia. Pedri Pedri Pedri, Pedri,” his fans kept chanting his name, and Pedri was featured on the cover of local newspapers, the Daily Sport, and Mundo Deportivo.

Pedri is a fan favorite, the new magician at Camp Nou, filling in the huge void left behind by Messi. Pedri plays in a different position, with the Iniesta being closer to Pedri. This comparison has been made since Xavi.

Social media has been saturated with the “Pedri Porte” stigma. Barcelona has embraced the pop culture and sold Pedri shirts in their club shop, along with a special label.

The label says, “Attention! This jersey has a lot of magic. It can cause injury to your opponents. The Golden Boy Prince’s Property

It’s an interesting thought. And it also includes the fact that Pedri shows his magic in a way that few others can.

Fans were captivated by his crotching Mikel Balenciaga against Biba, but he’s also great at the more mundane aspects of the game.

He is agile, his passes are dynamic, and don’t get interrogated, while he also has great vision.

It’s the big moments that make headlines. He scored against Galatasaray at the UEFA Cup, showing remarkable composure in the fiery Istanbul atmosphere. On Sunday, he did the same feat against Sevilla, to score a 1-0 win in favor of Barcelona.

After shrugging off Diego Carlos and Rakitic, Diego Carlos fired home from the distance.

Pedri said, “If I see legs in front, I cut the ball forward.” This was to explain the performance that shocked the Camp Nou crowd of 76,000+.

Pedri scored just four goals in 52 games last season, which was a major problem. He has scored four goals this season in 19 games. If he hadn’t missed Valencia, he would have scored more than he did last year.

Pedri is already a top-ranked midfielder in the world.

Xavi said: “Pedri gives me courage, he does not lose the ball. He is brilliant, there is no talent like Pedri anywhere in the world, and he’s only 19 years old.”

De Bruyne scored Tuesday for City in the Champions League. Pedri may not agree with this statement.

He controls space and time perfectly,” said Xavi. Radio Marca’s La Pizarra de Quintana compared Pedri to Back to the Future’s Dr. Brown, and his time-traveling ride called the Delorean to Harry Potter.

It’s also fitting because Pedri is a 35-year-old Barca player, and talks sometimes like a 35-year-old. Pedri gives off the impression that he is at the end of his career, but has traveled back to his youth to bring back his valuable experiences and maturity.

Maybe there’s a photo of Rakitic or Diego Carlos on one page of Gray’s Sporting Almanac so that Pedri can plan his game against Sevilla.

The place that was once called “Messi’s Garden” has been renamed “Pedri’s Garden”, and his fans continue to chant in the same reverent tones. They regard Pedri, who they consider the leader of the new generation of Barca and a key player for Barca over the next five to ten decades, as the best player on the team.

“I don’t believe I’m the leader. We’re all leaders.” After Barca’s 4-1 defeat of Valencia, Pedri stated this.

Be patient until he realizes how great he is. Then, he will be able to do scary things.

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