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4 million!Buying Jota seems to be a very good deal for Liverpool

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In this round of the Champions League, Jota from Liverpool’s performance was impressive. We know that in the summer of this year Liverpool bought Jota for only four million, and the remaining installments were paid. In the game against Atlanta, Jota staged a hat-trick to seal the victory for Liverpool in advance.

UEFA Champions League

The third round of the UEFA Champions League group stage played 8 games in the A-D group early this morning. Manchester City and Liverpool, who represented the Premier League, continued to maintain their strength. Manchester City beat Olympiacos 3-0 and Liverpool swept Atlanta 5-0 in the away game.
The Premier League duo have won three consecutive victories to lead the group, and they will be able to lock in the next round as soon as possible. In other giants matches, Real Madrid beat Inter Milan 3-2, Bayern beat Salzburg Red Bull 6-2, Atletico Madrid was tied with Lokomotiv 1-1.



Liverpool was a guest in Atlanta, which made the quarter-finals last season. Klopp’s starting lineup did not rank three main players. New aid Jota who scored consecutive goals replaced Firmino and joined forces with Mane and Salah. Reese Williams partnered with Joel Gomez as a central defender, and the youth teenager Curtis Jones also made his debut.


The Red Army quickly entered the state in Bergamo. In the 16th minute, Arnold shot from a long distance. After Jota inserted on the right, he immediately threw off the defender, facing goalkeeper Sportiello and easily shot for 4 consecutive games. Scored goals, Liverpool lead 1-0!
In the 33rd minute, Liverpool expanded its lead. Joel Gomez made a long pass. Ruota succeeded in turning offside. He stopped the ball with his left foot and buckled Hartbauer. The volley scored with his right foot in one go! Liverpool lead 2-0!

Champions League D round

The Red Army, who played well, was unstoppable. Only 2 minutes into the second half, the Atlanta corner kick was cleared. Salah’s side got the ball in the half and drove straight in. He passed Hartbauer in the penalty area and scored 3-0! !
Two minutes later, it was Mane’s turn to perform. Salah sent a straight pass. Mane faced Sportiello on the left side of the penalty area and scored 4-0! There is no suspense about the outcome!

UEFA Champions League: Atlanta vs Liverpool


But Liverpool’s goal hasn’t stopped. In the 54th minute, Liverpool counter-attacked Mane Zhisi, and Jota single-handedly passed the attacking Sportiello into the goal and staged a hat trick. Liverpool 5-0! !
After a big lead, Liverpool Mingjin retired. In the 65th minute, Uncle Zha replaced Henderson, Jota and Robertson with Milner, Firmino and Keita. In 81 minutes, Zimikas and Nek Williams replaced Wijnaldum and Arnold to prepare for the weekend’s Premier League battle with Manchester City.

Diogo Jota

The final score was locked at 5-0. Liverpool won three consecutive group matches, scoring 8 goals and not conceding, and there was basically no suspense in qualifying.
Jota is undoubtedly the biggest contributor to the three yuan in independence. After the game data website whoscored scored, Jota got a high score of 9.9 points, and Mane and Salah also had 9.1 and 8.6 points. Alisson repeatedly saved Atlanta shots and scored 8 points.
According to Squawka‘s statistics, since the Champions League reform, only 5 Liverpool players have performed a hat-trick in the race. Before Jota, only Irving, Benayoun, Coutinho and Mane.

Liverpool players

In this summer’s transfer, the 23-year-old Jota joined Liverpool from the Wolves for 41 million pounds. According to the “Echo” confirmed, Liverpool only needs to pay 10% of the transfer fee to the Wolves, which is 4 million pounds. The remaining 90% can be paid within the next three years.

Good deal

In the first 10 games to join Liverpool, Jota has scored 7 goals, creating the shortest record of the first 7 goals scored by the Red Army since the 21st century. Before Torres scored the first 7 goals in 12 games, Sturridge and Salah are 13 games.
The director of Liverpool, Michael Edwards, made another very cost-effective deal in a quiet time. In addition to worshipping, Liverpool fans would also like to thank Wolves: “Thank Wolves for selling this gem to us, what a great signing! Thank you Wolves brothers!

Liverpool players

Liverpool’s next-round Premier League opponent will be Manchester City, and Guardiola’s team also went smoothly and easily defeated Olympiacos 3-0 in Etihad.
In 12 minutes of the first half, De Bruyne assisted Ferran Torres to open the scoring. In the 80th minute, De Bruyne sent another assist and Jesus made a shot from a small angle. In the 89th minute, Cancelo succeeded with a long shot from outside the penalty area and Manchester City 3-0.
In this group, Manchester City led the way with 3 consecutive victories and 9 points, scoring 9 goals and conceding only 1 goal. Marseille suffered a 12-game losing streak in the Champions League after losing 0-3 to Porto, tying the longest losing streak.

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