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Erling Haaland is about to be traded! Dortmund accepts Chelsea’s £150m offer for Haaland

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Erling Haaland: Norwegian footballer who plays as a striker. Currently plays for Borussia Dortmund in the Bundesliga and the Norwegian national football team.

Erling Haaland

As the dust settles on the Europa League, the summer transfer window will be packed with announcements. Players who shine at the Euros may be sought after by the big guns.

It seems to be less important for Real Madrid and Chelsea. With one of the players they wanted, Erling Haaland, not playing in the Euros, and another, Mbappe, eliminated early with France, the two “big fish” of the transfer market have been the focus of many teams’ attention this transfer window. And it seems that there has finally been a major breakthrough.

Chelsea have wanted Haaland for a long time

It is no secret that Chelsea have wanted Harland for a long time. From the moment the transfer market opened, Chelsea have been in close contact with Borussia Dortmund. Only, Dortmund had previously refused to let Harland go, not because he was a non-sale item for them. After all, for a team like Dortmund, talented players are there to make a difference. The reason for this is that Chelsea’s offer did not reach their psychological price. It was previously reported in the media that a number of people, including the Chelsea boss, were convincing Dortmund to sell off Haaland.

Erling Haaland
Erling Haaland

Previous performance of Erling Haaland

This past season, Erling Haaland truly became one of the top wingers in all of European football. Under Dortmund’s careful ‘grooming’, Harland has scored a horrendous average of over 1 goal per game, more than Messi, Cairo and Leiva. In the UEFA Champions League, Haaland played 36 games, scored 37 goals and gave 8 assists, and had more than 10 man-of-the-match performances. This kind of performance will naturally attract the attention of the big teams. Especially in this era of scarcity of superstar centre-forwards, Haaland’s value has risen.

most expensive in the history of the Premier League

The current transfer market estimate for Erling Haaland is around 130 million euros, but the actual price will be higher than the estimate.On the one hand, Haaland is only 20 years old and still has a lot of room to grow. In the future, he may even surpass Robert Lewandowski and become the best winger in world football; on the other hand, in addition to his superb physical qualities in front of goal, Haaland’s ability in attack and his ability to score goals are recognised by many teams.

Erling Haaland

According to English media reports, Chelsea have basically reached an agreement with Borussia Dortmund to take Erling Haaland from Dortmund for £150 million. If brought in at that price, it would be the most expensive addition in Chelsea’s history and the most expensive in the history of the Premier League. The deal was enough to show how much Chelsea valued Harland and how much Abou trusted Tuchel.

However, without the whole of the Dotters team “feeding the ball”, there is a huge question as to whether Erling Haaland will be able to maintain a high goal scoring output.

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