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HomeNewsDortmund offers sky-high price to keep Erling Haaland(19/07/2021)

Dortmund offers sky-high price to keep Erling Haaland(19/07/2021)

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Erling Haaland:Born in Leeds, England on July 21, 2000, he is a Norwegian professional footballer who plays as a striker for Borussia Dortmund in the German First Division.

the hope of the new generation

With the gradual “aging” of C Luo and Messi, who can become their successor has always been a hot topic of discussion in football. Although many young talents have emerged in recent years, but few can really carry the burden, but Haaland and Mbappe‘s stable output and high performance let people see the hope of the new generation!

Of course, this pair of geniuses naturally have no shortage of suitors, many giants have repeatedly thrown them an olive branch.

Erling Haaland

Chelsea are targeting Erling Haaland

Recently, according to the foreign media transfer experts, the UEFA Champions Chelsea is actively pursuing the Norwegian star Haaland, and the conditions offered are very attractive, after-tax annual salary reached 20 million euros, at the same time there are bonuses added, such conditions in today’s football world is already the treatment of top stars, it can be seen that the Blues are very eager to get Haaland!

But obviously, Dortmund will not let go of this superstar so easily, especially in the case of another young talent in the team Sancho left to Manchester United, if Haaland is bought again, then the Hornets’ offensive firepower will be greatly affected. It is not an exaggeration to say that Haaland is the leg of the current Dortmund team, he is not just a goal scorer for the team, his intimidating power in front of the field makes the Hornets’ attack more efficient. So from these points, Dortmund has very little chance to let Haaland go!

Erling Haaland

Dortmund offers a sky-high price for Haaland

Now Dortmund has bid a sky-high price of 175 million euros for Haaland, and even the deep-pocketed Chelsea will have to back off in the face of such a price. But Chelsea did not give up, they are currently planning to use the players plus cash to exchange Harland, where the two forward youngsters Abramhan and Ondoy may join the deal. In fact, from past experience, it is almost impossible for Borussia Dortmund to keep Haaland, but they want to keep him for some more time as they have not found a suitable replacement yet.

Chelsea is the Champions League winner, but their lineup is not perfect, especially the front line players do not have a stable output point, the introduction of Werner last year can only be described as moderate, and his ability to grasp the opportunity has been criticized. So the Blues are desperate to bring in a top striker, and Haaland is a perfect fit for Chelsea in every way. If the Blues can get this talented player, then they will be a competitive team in both the EPL and the Champions League!

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