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Chelsea wants to bring in Paris captain Marquinhos to strengthen the back line(31/07/2021)

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Although the current Chelsea-Sevilla deal for Conde is going very well, but Chelsea’s followers revealed that, in addition to that, the team also intends to continue to strengthen the back line.Next Chelsea want to bring in Paris captain Marquinhos.

Chelsea continue to strengthen their backline

Obviously for the current Chelsea, there is no longer any problem in the midfield. The perfect rotation of Kante, Jorginho and Kovačić at the back also allows Chelsea to face the intensive schedule and the impact of injuries without any difficulty.

So for Tuchel, the only headache is the back line. But the good thing is that Chelsea’s boss, Abou, is not stingy in attracting reinforcements. As Harland has basically confirmed to stay in Dortmund this summer, Chelsea put the money originally intended to attract Harland to strengthen the back line.


Marquinhos’s contract will not expire until 2024

In addition to Conde, it is reported that the Paris captain Marquinhos, who had a tacit cooperation with Tuchel in Paris Saint-Germain, is also in Chelsea’s list of reinforcements. But at this stage for Chelsea, the problem is that Marquinhos’ contract with Paris Saint-Germain will not expire until 2024. If they want to bring in Marquinhos, Chelsea is afraid that they will have to pay more than the player’s price of 70 million euros.

Paris Saint-Germain needs to prepare for Ronaldo’s arrival

Donnarumma join, Paris Saint-Germain’s back line is unbreakable. Paris Saint-Germain has recently been very interested in a trade proposal for Icardi and Cristiano Ronaldo. If Chelsea can come up with enough sincerity, Paris is likely to choose to let Marquinhos leave to prepare for Cristiano Ronaldo’s arrival. After all, Cristiano Ronaldo‘s super high annual salary has always been a problem for Paris’ payroll space.


Even if Paris Saint-Germain’s asking price is more than 70 million euros, I believe Chelsea’s owner Abu will not be deterred by this. After all, Chelsea’s only problem at the moment is in the center back position. Although the joining of Conde has enhanced the team’s defensive strength to a certain extent, the lack of experience of the defensive players is an absolute hidden problem in the competition. And from the existing Chelsea squad, I am afraid that the only one who can partner with Conde is Rüdiger, as Zouma‘s transfer to Sevilla is almost finalized.

If Conde has trouble adapting to the environment or Rüdiger has injury problems, I’m afraid that Tuchel’s formation will be a bit overwhelmed.

Marquinhos has plenty of experience in the tournament. During Paris Saint-Germain’s run to the Champions League final, Marquinhos scored the winning goal at a crucial moment, just like Real Madrid’s former captain Ramos. One of Marquinhos’ characteristics is his ability to attack and defend well, and his ability to head the ball is very important for Chelsea. Conde’s attacking attributes are clearly inferior to Marquinhos.


Chelsea’s ambition

Chelsea in the next is likely to continue to deal with some of the redundant players in the front line, while the momentum of the back line reinforcements will not be weakened by the arrival of Conde. After all, Chelsea as last season’s Champions League winners, their new season’s goal is not only to achieve the Champions League title defense, but also to be among the top contenders in the league level.

In recent seasons, Liverpool and Manchester City two dominant situation let Abu has long been dissatisfied. As soon as possible to lead Chelsea this king’s division back to the ranks of the Premier League’s top giants, is the feat that Abu wants to accomplish.

Of course, the introduction of Marquinhos is the first step to achieve his ambition. It is difficult, but once it is done, Chelsea’s strength in the EPL will be extremely scary.

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