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Dybala’s agent team will officially open transfer talks with Inter Milan

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According to Italian media, Dybala’s agent team will open a meeting with Inter Milan next week and begin negotiations about the player’s transfer. Inter Milan and Dybala have been in contact before but this is a real transfer negotiation and both sides will be negotiating more details. Although Dybala and Juventus have agreed to terminate their contracts this summer, Juventus is keen to retain Dybala. However, due to a salary dispute, the sides delayed reaching a compromise. Juventus now has Vlahovic, who seems more suitable for them. Therefore, Dybala is no longer the core player they should be keeping in mind.

The Serie A striker Dybala, once a young talent, has been a liability to Juventus, scoring only 8 goals in 23 matches. This efficiency has gradually reduced Dybala from a star player to a rather mediocre level. He will soon be at his peak. Although Dybala is slowly becoming an outcast at Juventus, there are still many transfer markets that have offered Dybala invitations to join. They hope that he can join the club as a free agent.

Dybala's agent team will officially open transfer talks with Inter Milan

Inter Milan is the most active team. Marotta used to be at the top of Juventus and had a great relationship with Dybala. Marotta is now in charge of Inter Milan and Dybala is welcome to Inter. Marotta may have been contemplating the possibility of Dybala’s transfer to Inter Milan since his contract extension with Juventus was terminated. Inter Milan’s financial position has not improved in recent years, even though Dybala is an entirely free agent this season, his salary is certainly a very stressful cost for Inter Milan.

Marotta, to stabilize Dybala’s thoughts, took the initiative to speak with Dybala’s agent team severally and stated that Inter Milan would bring Dybala to Inter Milan’s roster at all costs this summer. Marotta stated earlier that they are prepared to eliminate wave redundancies once the summer window opens to clear salary space and to receive a certain amount in transfer fees income. Marotta, the straightforward man, will tell Dybala’s agent team about his operation. Dybala’s team still trusts Marotta despite the current situation.

Inter Milan’s frontline attack is not very impressive this season. In crucial moments, no player can stand out as being able to attack and overcome obstacles. If Dybala can join Inter Milan, Inter Milan will have much greater strength. Even though his performance at Juventus was not great, Dybala’s core should be able, under the guidance of Inzaghi, to become a formidable front-court killer. Marotta will have another great operation if he can bring Dybala to Inter Milan.

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