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Exclusive: Preview of Liverpool vs Man City. Why Haaland won’t join Madrid in 2024. The end of the road for Steve Bruce

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Exclusive: Preview of Liverpool vs Man City. Why Haaland won’t join Madrid in 2024. The end of the road for Steve Bruce - app, Arsenal, Aston villa, Best, bet, Birmingham City, Champions League, Club, England, EPL, Erling Haaland, Euro, Fans, football, future, Guardiola, Haaland, historical, Jack Grealish, Liverpool, lucky, Madrid, Manchester City, Money, Newcastle, Newcastle United, Paris, Paris Saint-Germain, Prediction, Premier League, Real Madrid, review, Right, Saint-Germain, team, tips, transfer, transfers, United, win, winning


Liverpool’s ageing midfield makes Man City favourites…

The game will be won and lost in midfield, it’s that simple.

Manchester City’s midfield is stacked with quality when everyone is available and fit. They are the supply line for the attackers’ creative players. All of them contribute by giving chances, which is why they are so adept at keeping their opponents in check.

Will Liverpool choose a 4-2-3-1 and two defensive midfielders to protect the back four? It is something I am curious about because we saw some jitters in Rangers’ Champions League match during mid-week. Jurgen Klopp will be aware that his team cannot perform well against City.

Whatever Klopp’s midfield players are, they’ll have to put their best foot forward for Sunday’s match. Although Jordan Henderson, Thiago and Fabinho give their best during games, I feel the Reds need to inject some energy into the middle of the park.

Liverpool has gone from one of the youngest squads to one of their oldest over the past six or seven seasons. Given that City is constantly replenishing their squad, it’s time for Liverpool’s owners and to add new faces to the midfield.

Transfers aside, does Liverpool have the ability to beat Manchester City at home. – Yes. This Liverpool team has the potential to beat any other side of world football. But will they this weekend? – No.

Sunday is Pep Guardiola’s lucky day. His Citizens will dominate the game from beginning to end and appear almost unbeatable during the match. Although I don’t think Liverpool will be beaten, I believe City will win all three points comfortably.

I believe that if my prediction is correct, it would be the most clear sign that City will win their seventh Premier League title. While I can understand the excitement of some Arsenal fans, there is no way that Arsenal will go on a 38-game winning streak similar to what happened between Liverpool and City last year.

Pep Guardiola’s Champions League criticism is fair…

He has won all the major prizes, but there is one criticism that I have: he hasn’t won the Champions League (yet).

They are always in the Champions League, and with the amount they have to spend, Paris Saint-Germain is the only team that can truly compare. I expect Guardiola will produce a lot more than he does from the City squad in Europe.

But, the domestic team he has built is outstanding. His team is made up of top-quality players at every position. Although they have their egos, it doesn’t hinder the team’s performance. Kevin Bruyne and Jack Grealish are all great-looking stars, with a hint of arrogance. But they let their football speak for themselves, which is something that cannot be said about many other teams.

Why would Erling Haaland want to leave Man City?

Reports linking Haaland to a move to Real Madrid in the future are not going away.

A report said Madrid wanted to sign Haaland for 2024. It’s a shame that this is happening for the Premier League. It would be wonderful if Haaland could stay in England’s top flight for longer than he did after two years.

His performance is so impressive that Premier League fans want to see him play every week. He is a devastating player and, although he is sometimes called a “poacher”, he really isn’t. He is known for his ability to run in front of the last defender, so Virgil Van Dijk must be at his best to prevent this from happening this weekend.

However, he could leave for Real Madrid sooner than expected. It’s unlikely that this will happen. I can see Haaland staying around at least for four to five years.

Real Madrid has the historical edge. Although they’re a big club, with all its glamour and glitz, if Manchester City make a dent at the Champions League and maintain their domestic dominance, then why would anyone want to leave? Especially when the Citizens are able to match any other side in world football in terms of money. Expect records to fall if City is able to keep him for the future.

Steve Bruce should call it a day following West Brom embarrassment…

sacked again.

He must be one of the luckiest men in England, and this is despite how difficult it can be to maintain a top-level football career.

If you look at his resume and see all the clubs that he managed (Birmingham City, Hull City and Sunderland, Newcastle United and Aston Villa), you will be asking yourself, “How many of these clubs did they improve?”.

Birmingham City supporters will argue that he did well at Birmingham City, which may explain why he feels so comfortable there. But, there were many times when I saw a Bruce team with a flat back five. I don’t mean a three-man back line with two wingbacks. I mean a flat five with full-backs going nowhere. It’s a sad style of play that fans pay a lot to watch their team.

I don’t understand why any club would hire him. His style is monotonous and his pace is slow. He must have reached the end with his West Brom sacking.

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