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Karim Benzema’s contract with Real Madrid is now in question and he has made a remarkable decision(02/08/2021)

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Real Madrid announced a few days ago that Carvajal renewed his contract, and after Carvajal, Real Madrid’s next target for contract renewal is Karim Benzema.

Real Madrid hopes to keep Benzema, and Benzema is also willing to renew his contract. Now the deal that seems to be ready to be shot immediately has some problems.

Karim Benzema

Karim Benzema wants to reduce the length of the contract

The main reason is that Benzema thinks that the contract length given by Madrid is too long. He is afraid that he will become a burden to Real Madrid in the future and hopes that he can reduce the length of his contract.

Recently, Spanish media “ABC” broke the news that Real Madrid offered Benzema a three-year contract. But Benzema refused the contract extension, he only wanted to renew his contract with the team for two years.

Benzema informed the team that he was afraid that his decline in form would become a burden to the team in the future. he will take a 10% pay cut after the contract extension. Real Madrid will give him a 15% raise in the second year as a reward for Benzema. It must be said that Benzema is definitely the true love of Madrid.

Real Madrid

Benzema -who is willing to be a green leaf

This year Benzema is 33 years old. Most of the players at this age are pursuing a top contract, hoping to get a higher salary and a longer time frame contract. But he not only turned down a long-term contract, but worrying about the future of his team. Such a striker is still really rare.The performance of Benzema, his future status in the hearts of Madrid fans may not be lower than Cristiano Ronaldo.

The initial Benzema also came to Madrid as a top player and has been playing the role of an assistant in the team since then. In this era where everyone puts their own interests first, a low-profile and pragmatic player like Benzema is really valuable.

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