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Lionel Messi’s transfer caused a series of chain reaction, and who could have thought it(12/08/2021)

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“Who would have thought it?” As the former Real Madrid captain Ramos tweeted a soulful question when he took a photo of Lionel Messi and his Paris jersey together.

Lionel Messi's transfer caused a series of chain reaction

The captains of the two giants, Real Madrid and Barcelona, each hold four Champions League trophies in their hands.

After 16 years of fighting for their masters, they all put on the Paris Saint-Germain kit this summer, turning from sworn enemies to teammates.

The transfer of Lionel Messi to Paris is undoubtedly one of the most sensational news in the international sports world in 2021. As a super top stream in the football world, Messi’s fever remains high.

In less than a week, the Messi transfer effect has already been fully reflected in the former owner Barca and the new owner Paris.

The chain reaction of Lionel Messi’s transfer

Paris’ official INS followers increased crazily

The official Paris INS account rose 5.8 million fans in the first 11 days of August, more than the sum of the first seven months of this year, including 4.5 million fans on the day Messi signed with Paris. At present, the official INS of Paris has more than 44 million followers, and it is still increasing.

The German transfer market official tweet also can’t help but exclaim: it’s incredible.

Paris jersey sales are amazing

Secondly, Lionel Messi has put Paris jersey sales into an unprecedented frenzy. Journalist Rodrigo Romano reported that the Paris online store was empty of Messi shirts. Within 24 hours of Messi’s official announcement, Paris sold Messi’s jersey sales of up to 30 million euros, of which orders from the Chinese market accounted for 64%.

Messi Paris jersey

The new jersey is priced at 187 euros, but it is still difficult to stop fans from buying enthusiasm.

The Paris official website had to remind buyers on the mall page: “Hello PSG fans, due to the high demand, Messi’s jersey stock sold out quickly. We plan to have more shirts available for pre-order on our website with a shipping date in October.”

The offline brick-and-mortar stores in Paris were equally crowded with people standing in long lines to buy Messi’s No. 30 jersey.

New York Times reporter revealed that due to Messi’s extremely high appeal, Paris jersey sponsor Nike revised its expectations for Paris jersey sales this year. They set the target at 10 million pieces, and Paris can get a 10-15% share of the revenue from the jerseys.

Lionel Messi's transfer caused a series of chain reaction

Barca jersey sales dropped significantly

In contrast to the popularity of the Paris jerseys, Barcelona’s situation is not optimistic.

Javi Miguel of As reported that the sales of the jerseys in Barca’s official store have dropped by about 80% since Monday. Moreover, 30,000 tickets for the first match of the season against Real Sociedad have not been sold out for members.

Spanish Channel 6 reporter Jose Alvarez reported that the sales of Barcelona’s mall jerseys have dropped sharply. Previously, Messi jersey sales accounted for 80% of Barca’s jersey sales.

Every season just the shirt sales share, Barcelona can get 20-30 million euros income. Now are no more, Barcelona has not sold out of Messi jerseys, according to the usual practice will be returned to Nike all before October.

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