HomeNewsThe Lionel Messi attitude resolute: with Laporta in, never return to Barca!(19/11/2021)

The Lionel Messi attitude resolute: with Laporta in, never return to Barca!(19/11/2021)

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This summer, Barcelona unexpectedly announced not to renew Lionel Messi’s contract.The 34-year-old Messi said goodbye to Camp Nou in tears and transferred to Paris Saint-Germain as a free agent.

At the beginning, Laporta vowed to keep Messi, but the sudden 180-degree turn in attitude caught everyone, including Messi, by surprise. The gap between Messi and Laporta was also created.

Lionel Messi

Now the 41-year-old Xavi has returned to Barca as the first-team manager out of his own pocket, while the 38-year-old Alves has also accepted a base salary and returned to his beloved Barca.

The curious question is whether Messi has also thought about returning to Barca?

Alfredo Martinez

On November 19, Spanish Onda Cero gave a clear answer in the program.

Messi will not return to Barca as long as Laporta is still the president of the club. Even in his dreams, Messi has never considered (returning to Barca).

Alfredo Martinez is Onda Cero’s Barça follower reporterhost and knows Barça inside and out. Back in September, Martinez broke the news that the Barca hierarchy did not trust Ronald Koeman and was ready to bring Xavi back to coach, a news that eventually became true. Martinez also confirmed in the program that Alves’ annual salary at Barca is 155,000 euros. Martinez’s source, relatively reliable.

Lionel Messi

The conflict between Lionel Messi and Laporta

The fact that there is indeed a disconnect and conflict between Messi and Laporta was confirmed by Messi himself, who said in an interview with the Daily Sport at the end of October: “I accept Barca’s demand for more than 50% pay cut, and I am also willing to provide more help to Barca. However, Laporta’s words hurt me and it made me start to doubt that my thoughts, my approach is not worth it at all.”

Laporta had said that he wanted Messi to “play for Barcelona for free”. Such a statement hurt Messi. He used Messi’s influence to win outside support in the Barca presidential campaign; used Messi’s salary cut and appeal to sign strong supporters such as Depay and get the whole team to take a pay cut to renew their contracts. However, Barca kicked Messi away, Laporta did so, making it hard for Messi to forgive.

Leave Barcelona although there will be regret and pain, but today’s Messi, in Paris Saint-Germain is very happy, there are good brothers Neymar, the company of family, a more relaxed environment, its happy.

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