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Lionel Messi’s next stop is likely to be Paris, which would put Mbappe on the countdown to leaving the team(07/08/2021)

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After 21 seasons of playing for the team and becoming one of the best players in world football, Lionel Messi’s Barca career has finally come to an end.

Faced with the decision not to renew his contract, at the age of 34, Messi has to start a new journey. Messi’s teammates at Barca have already said goodbye to him and sent their wishes for the future.

For Messi, with the physical and athletic condition he maintains now, he still has enough time and ability to prove himself.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

What’s the next step for Lionel Messi

After Barcelona’s side announced its withdrawal from the contract renewal talks, Messi’s next home has become the focus of attention in European football. Apart from Paris Saint-Germain, Manchester City, Chelsea, Manchester United and even Juventus are all thought to be possible next stops for Messi.

Manchester City?

Among them, Manchester City was the first to deny their interest in Messi. Guardiola said that after signing Gralish, their next target is Kane and Messi is not on the team’s list of reinforcements.


Since then, the news that Chelsea is also interested in signing Messi has excited the Chelsea fans.

As we all know, Chelsea’s top target in this transfer window is Harland. But Borussia Dortmund has no intention of selling him and has bid more than 150 million euros for him. Even though Abou himself led the negotiations, the transfer seemed to be dead.

Chelsea then turned to Lukaku and made three offers, but the transfer was also not finalized.

In terms of financial resources, Chelsea has enough space to sign Messi, and Messi’s arrival can also help Chelsea to greatly improve the strength of the attacking side.

Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi

Manchester United?

Meanwhile, according to the Telegraph, Manchester United have also expressed interest in signing Messi.

However, compared to other teams, United already has Sancho, Cavani, Rashford and other good attackers in the front line, and their need for Messi is not urgent.

And the team has players like De Gea and Pogba who are very well paid and hard to get out. In the case that they do not leave the team, for Messi’s high salary, Manchester United side is also difficult to bear.


Another possibility for Messi’s transfer to the target team comes from Juventus.

This analysis comes from Jameis Rodriguez, who said that if Messi can join Juventus, the front line partnership with Cristiano Ronaldo will be very worthy of anticipation.

But this is more like the good will of Hames Rodriguez. Because Cairo’s annual salary is 31 million euros, even if Messi takes a pay cut, his salary will hardly be lower than 30 million euros.

Getting Juventus to pay more than 60 million euros in after-tax salaries on just two players is undoubtedly quite difficult.

Paris Saint-Germain is the most likely next home for Messi

No matter from the team strength, or from the team’s economic situation, Paris is the most suitable team for Messi.
In this past day or so, according to several media, Paris Saint-Germain has started transfer negotiations with Messi and the progress is very fast.

According to transfer expert Skira, the transfer deal for Paris Saint-Germain to sign Messi has actually been completed.Messi was offered a three-year contract with a total annual salary of 50 million euros, although it contains a bonus clause with conditions.

Meanwhile, Khalifa, a member of the Qatari consortium that owns Paris Saint-Germain, also said that Messi has reached an official agreement with the big Paris and that the transfer will be announced soon.

In addition, Spain’s Channel 6 transfer expert Alvarez also said that Paris Saint-Germain has booked the Eiffel Tower on August 10, which is likely to be in preparation for Messi’s joining ceremony.

When Neymar moved to Paris Saint-Germain four years ago, the team also held a welcome ceremony for him at the Eiffel Tower.


For Real Madrid

In addition, for Real Madrid, they are very much hoping to make a profit in Messi’s transfer.

Although before that, Paris Saint-Germain had been trying to push forward Mbappe‘s contract renewal. But after signing Messi, their thinking is likely to have changed.

According to transfer expert Andrés Anrubia, Mbappe’s transfer seems to be inevitable and he is likely to leave Paris Saint-Germain for Real Madrid by the end of August.

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