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Liverpool spend less in transfer window, with 2 straight wins in the new season(23/08/2021)

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In the last two rounds of EPL matches, Liverpool won 3:0 and 2:0 respectively. Although the opponents were not the powerhouse teams in the Premier League, They showed very good form and a strong squad.

A return to title-winning form

Both Burnley and Norwich, who finished relatively behind in the Premier League last season, had little to no chance against Liverpool and were far behind their opponents in terms of possession and number of shots.

It is fair to say that the strength Liverpool showed in these two games seems to have brought the Premier League and European teams back to the days when Liverpool won the title.


Summer transfer window

Prior to the start of the new season, Liverpool had not made many transfers in the transfer market, only adding a young centre back in Connacht to their back line, but not much else.

It was a pittance compared to the other giants in the Premier League, whether it was Manchester United, Manchester City or Chelsea or Arsenal, who all spent at least over €100 million in the transfer window.

Liverpool have also lost their midfielder, Wijnaldum, and their strength has declined.

Best news for Liverpool

But the best news for Liverpool in the new season is that after a season and a summer of rest and training, the squad is still in relatively good health in all positions, and the backline is starting to come back.

Van Dijk, Matip and Gomez, who came on late against Burnley, have all improved the team’s strength. The current team is basically at the same level as it was at its peak, if not better.


The adjustments to the squad

In the last two games, Klopp has made some changes to the squad, especially in the forward positions, where Wakita, who replaced Firmino in the starting line-up for a long time, has scored two goals in two games and is in hot form.

This has changed Liverpool’s tactics in the forward positions, as Jota is not as good as Firmino in terms of passing and pulling back, but is still better at finishing.

Of course, at present, they still have certain problems to solve, for example, in the organization of the midfield.Thiago has only played about 10 minutes in the last two games and it is not clear how much of a difference he can make to the midfield.

However, Klopp will certainly still have Thiago playing a very important role in the middle of the park.How to adjust and balance the team’s tactics will be a key focus for Liverpool in the coming games.

The real challenge

Other than that, Liverpool don’t have much of a challenge yet. The two lower and mid-table teams in the Premier League will not be able to judge their ability to resist pressure at the moment, and the next game against Chelsea will be a test for them.

If the injured players, such as Van Dyke, can hold up against Chelsea, then Liverpool will have a real chance of winning the Premier League in the new season.

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