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Glen Johnson: Liverpool definitely have the ability to compete to sign Harland

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Liverpool’s veteran says the Reds are in a strong position to sign Harland.
Glenn Johnson believes Liverpool can compete with Manchester City, Real Madrid, and Paris Saint-Germain to secure Harland’s signature.

Harland joined Borussia Dortmund and his reputation has grown. It is widely believed that Harland will leave the Hornets in the summer.

Harland is wanted by several clubs

Numerous clubs are interested in signing the 21-year old Norwegian international. There is also talk of Liverpool joining the fray. Klopp may even negotiate with his former club Dortmund.

Glen Johnson, Enough Football’s CEO, answered a question about whether Liverpool could compete against the rich Real Madrid, Manchester City, and Paris.

We all know that Liverpool looks at a lot of stats when signing players, and they have different salary limits. Real Madrid and Paris can do what they want.

“It is certainly difficult for Liverpool to compete against other clubs in this respect, but top players are levelheaded and hopefully they won’t just be looking at major contracts.”

“Wherever they go, they will be well paid,” so they need to be patient and select the right club instead of being led by big contracts.

Liverpool definitely have the ability to compete to sign Harland

Glen Johnson’s thoughts

Glen Johnson, when asked what Liverpool players he would consider signing in the winter window, said that he liked Rafinha. While everyone talks about Mbappe and other players, it is not easy to make deals like Rafinha.

“Harland is an important target. Everyone knows that Liverpool’s front three are often the ones who fail to score goals. They need more attacking firepower, and Harland is a special player.


Apart from Harland, another Dortmund player could be a draw for Liverpool. He is England midfielder Bellingham. Glen Johnson spoke out about Bellingham, an 18-year-old England international, and said that he would be interested in signing him if he is available.

“I don’t think Liverpool are weak at any position. But there aren’t many opportunities for top players to come onto the market, and the chance might only come once.”

“I admire Bellingham, do Liverpool need him now? It doesn’t matter if it is, but could he become a key player for Liverpool over the next eight years. He will.

“I believe Harland and Bellingham would like to join Liverpool because Liverpool is a super team and can win titles. These players are also very young.”

“I don’t think they will ask for to play every week. They are used to it and know that they bring something special to our team. But sometimes patience is necessary.”

Rafinha, who is currently at Leeds United, will join Liverpool to work with top players and go to a top club. It will be a big step for him.”

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