HomeTransfer NewsManchester United interested in recruiting Luka Modric as Pogba's replacement(3/11/2021)

Manchester United interested in recruiting Luka Modric as Pogba’s replacement(3/11/2021)

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According to a report in the Daily Mirror, Manchester United are preparing for Pogba’s departure in the winter transfer window and have a suitable candidate to replace him for the time being.

Luka Modrid

United are interested in bringing in the 36-year-old midfielder Modric, who currently plays for Real Madrid, in the winter transfer window. United will offer a 6.5 million Euro offer and intend to let Ronaldo come in to convince Modric to join United. No response from Real Madrid for now.

Manchester United interested in recruiting Luka Modric as Pogba's replacement

The biggest initiative is still in the hands of Modric himself, depending on whether Modric is willing to join Manchester United.

Manchester United’s intentions

Some fans may think Modric is 36 years old, why would United want him to join?

Modric, who is 36 years old, has made 10 appearances this season, contributed 3 assists, has an average passing success rate of 80%, and can contribute 2 threatening direct balls on average.

I believe a lot of players can’t deliver such results as Modric. And Modric knows Ronaldo very well and has worked with him for many seasons before. If Modric joins to United, he can give Ronaldo more help in the attacking end.

Manchester United

For Manchester United, if they can’t find a suitable midfielder in a short time, Modric is indeed a good choice. After all, Modric’s strength is undeniable, and his addition will allow Ronaldo to rediscover his best form, which will be very helpful for United.

Whether Modric is willing to join to Manchester United, it depends on how much sincerity the management of United comes up with.

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