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Raphael Varane confirmed to join Manchester United, the new season Real Madrid’s heavy responsibility falls on Ancelotti(28/07/2021)

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Manchester United have officially announced that they have reached an agreement with Real Madrid to sign 28-year-old centre-back Varane.

Varane ends his ten-year career at the Bernabeu

With the Frenchman’s contract with Real Madrid expiring in just one year, neither Real Madrid nor the player himself showed a strong desire to renew it, which allowed Varane’s transfer to go through without too many twists and turns.

In the summer of 2011, at the age of 18, Varane was acquired by Real Madrid for 11.2 million euros, and he initially served as the third central defender after Pepe and Ramos. And after Pepe’s departure in 2017, he and Ramos formed Real Madrid’s starting center back pairing.

Raphael Varane

After a full decade of playing for Real Madrid, Varane ended his career at the Bernabeu in his prime. He was the fourth most expensive sale in Real Madrid’s history: a transfer fee of 50 million euros and an annual player salary of 12 million euros. In this transfer, Real Madrid, Manchester United and the player himself might be satisfied.

Before the transfer window opened, both Ramos and Varane’s contract renewal used to be a hot topic for Real Madrid. Earlier Real Madrid had signed Alaba in the center back, which seems to be a signal that Real Madrid’s need for the original center back combination is no longer strong.

Following Ramos’ free transfer to Paris Saint-Germain, Varane’s contract renewal also did not progress. Real Madrid is only willing to offer Varane a contract extension of 7 million euros a year, in contrast to Alaba’s 12 million euros salary. The Red Devils, however, met Varane’s demands, which made it easy for the player to make a decision to choose Manchester United.

Not surprisingly, Varane, a star centre-back who won the World Cup and the Champions League with his team, will soon take the starting role after joining United. His partner is likely to be England international Maguire.

Raphael Varane

The EPL welcome Varane’s signing

Varane made his name at a young age, and his combination of height, speed, agility and frontal defensive ability has been praised by many connoisseurs. Although Varane’s performance has been inconsistent in several hard fights in recent years, and his performance in the Euros was mediocre. But Varane is still a proven “champion defender”, and the EPL side is certainly welcoming Varane’s arrival. The clash between the EPL powers will also be a duel between Varane, Van Dyck, Ruben Dias and other world-class central defenders.

Currently Real Madrid has no plans to bring in a new central defender. The new season’s centerback defense will consist of Alaba, Militang and Nacho, and another centerback could be Vallejo or the second team’s Gila and Chouest.

The overhaul of Real Madrid’s three lines starts with the centerbacks, which is more or less unexpected. The Alaba-Militang centerback combination is very different from Ramos-Varane in terms of style of play: Alaba started out from the wingback position, and his strength is ball control out of the backfield. Militang, on the other hand, is a more aggressive defensive center back, and their partnership is yet to be tested in the field.

Nacho, who played well last season, will also play an important role if Alaba and Militang don’t gel well.

The next home of some of the top names in the transfer market is still a mystery. The likes of Kane, Harland and Cristiano Ronaldo etc.


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Real Madrid

Real Madrid is currently in a tight financial situation due to the construction of a new stadium and the impact of the epidemic. In Paris Saint-Germain, Chelsea and other competitors in the transfer market to grab Players around the time, Real Madrid can only choose another way to spend the summer.

From the news coming from the Spanish media, Real Madrid’s expectations for next season are pinned on Ancelotti’s ability to activate the original players such as Marcelo and Isco, as well as Miguel Gutierrez, Blanco and other youth training juniors.

For Ancelotti, the preparation for the new season will not be easy, as Real Madrid is now in the midst of a roster turnover and many players are in a very different situation than they were a few years ago. He must quickly determine which players can be entrusted with important tasks and which players are no longer suitable to play for Real Madrid.

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