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Manchester United will bring in 3 big names this summer

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After buying Sancho, Manchester United didn’t stop searching for stars in the transfer market. Next they will focus on the defensive side of the reinforcements, and Varane and Trippier, will be the most important targets for manager Solskjær.

According to The Sun, Manchester United are close to a partnership with Varane and Trippier. Next they are expected to bring in these two main players from the 2 giants Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid for £50 million and £18 million respectively. If they get Varane and Trippier at the same time, United’s defense will no longer have shortcomings.

Varane  Manchester United

This summer, Real Madrid offered Alaba more than 10 million euros a year, and finally brought him from Bayern to Madrid. But Real Madrid treats Varane such 10-year veteran is very stingy, the La Liga giants even asked Varane to reduce his salary to renew his contract, which makes him angry, and now has made up his mind to leave.

Several English media revealed that the negotiations between Varane and Manchester United are very pleasant, and the two sides are close to reaching an agreement. If Varane chooses to join Manchester United, his annual salary will be around 12 million euros, compared to Real Madrid, Manchester United is undoubtedly more generous.

Given that Varane only has 1 year left on his contract and he is determined to go, United believe that the offer of 50 million pounds is enough for Real Madrid to set him free.

As for Trippier, the England defender, who turns 31 in 2 months, has long been eager to return to the Premier League. Like Varane, he only has 1 year left on his contract with Atletico Madrid, and joining United is also his dream. The transfer initiative is also in United’s hands, and as long as the player insists on not renewing his contract, Atletico will have to let him go in the end to avoid the loss of 18 million pounds for nothing.

Manchester United Trippier

After joining Manchester United, Varane will partner Maguire and both of them will be the absolute mainstay of the center backs. Compared to Lindelof, Varane’s ability and past performance are undoubtedly better, and the defensive problems that have plagued United for years are expected to be completely solved.

As for Trippier, he will compete with Wambika for a starting position, so that United’s defense, whether on the sides or in the middle, has no obvious weaknesses, and next season’s defensive quality is expected to catch up with that of 2008.

Manchester United

The next season will have no obvious shortcomings, they really have the strength to compete for the title, this Premier League giants, it is also time to take off. If the new season is nothing again, manager Solskjær will not be able to explain to his fans.

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