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Manuel Locatelli is expected to join Juventus and help Cristiano Ronaldo to free up his attacking firepower(05/08/2021)

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Manuel Locatelli:Italian professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Serie A club Sassuolo and the Italy national team.He is primarily deployed as a deep lying midfielder, primarily operating in a attacking role in front of the team’s defence.

From the current news we can learn that Juventus’ Merih Demiral is close to leaving the club. With this deal for the Juve player, Atalanta also completed the transfer of their own player Romero to Tottenham Hotspur.

Juventus lost Demirar but through this deal Juve was able to get a transfer fee so that they could successfully meet Sassuolo’s offer for Locatelli and thus be able to sign Locatelli.

As of now, Juve’s squad already has three big players in Drieght, Chiellini and Bonucci. However, there is a shortage of midfielders, which is why Juve is so eager to bring in Sassuolo’s Locatelli.

Manuel Locatelli

Juve chose Manuel Locatelli after much deliberation

The offer from Atalanta is a real blessing to Juventus. Juventus chose Locatelli after careful consideration in order to get the most out of Cristiano Ronaldo. He has a very comprehensive strength that allows Ronaldo to be fully involved in the front court attack, thus freeing up Ronaldo’s attacking firepower and improving the overall Juventus’ front court attacking ability.

Previously, due to financial constraints, Juve did not have the strength to give Sassuolo a satisfactory offer, so the negotiations between Sassuolo and Juve have not progressed. After the Demirar deal Juventus finally had the strength.

Juve should look forward to next season!

If Locatelli can be officially introduced, he will become a more comprehensive midfielder than Artur, Ramsey, Rabio, etc. that suits Juve. So when this piece of the championship puzzle is completely back in place, I think Juve will go all out for victory next season and prove their true strength on all fronts!

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