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Paul Pogba delivers four assists in a single game, hopes to attract Real Madrid’s attention (15/08/2021)

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Manchester United defeated Leeds United 5-2 to open the game, Paul Pogba delivered 4 assists to set a United record.

The British Daily Star revealed that Pogba played so effort to perform in the hope of attracting Real Madrid’s attention and completing a free transfer next summer.

Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba’s goal

Pogba has only one year left on his contract with United and in his contract year, the French superstar must give his all to achieve his goals.

The Daily Star said that Pogba’s first choice is to attract the attention of Real Madrid, which he dreamed of joining since he was a child, and make a free transfer next summer.

if not, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus or staying at Manchester United are also his options. Only by playing well can Pogba ensure that he will not be abandoned by Manchester United when his contract expires.

The best scenario for Pogba is to move to Real Madrid and play alongside fellow Frenchman Mbappe and another star player, Erling Haaland, to reorganize the ‘Galacticos‘.If Mbappe stays at Paris Saint-Germain this summer, his contract will expire next year, as will Pogba.

In the case of being able to get Mbappe and Pogba for free, Real Madrid will continue to compete for Dortmund’s Haaland.Teams like Manchester United and Bayern Munich are also interested in Haaland, but the player himself is said to be most interested in heading to the Bernabeu.


Pogba’s Great Potential

In any case, even if this is Pogba’s last season with United, it would be a huge help to United’s title bid if he can maintain his first game form.

The performances in the first round of the Premier League this season and in the Europa League this summer show that Pogba can still be quite impressive if he plays with heart and simplifies his style of play.

The game against Leeds United also illustrated this point, as Pogba had a chance to open the scoring in the first half. But his “showboating” trait exploded, and he didn’t expect Méliès to block the angle directly, and his hasty left-footed shot ended up missing.

Then Pogba streamlined his style of play, and his four assists were all without too much show, passing into the gap as soon as he found the time to let his teammates finish the final blow.


Pogba set a record

Pogba delivered four assists in one game, allowing him to directly surpass his total of three assists from last season. Moreover, he also became the 7th player in the history of the Premier League and the first player in the history of Manchester United to have 4 assists in a single game.

The last United player to complete a hat-trick of assists was former captain Antonio Valencia in 2011!

If Pogba can win the title for United, even if he moves to Real Madrid, the fans will bless him, just like Cristiano Ronaldo in 2009.

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