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Big reversal! Paul Pogba will stay at Manchester United, there are 2 major reasons for him to miss out on Paris

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A few days ago, there was also a good news in the United team, that is, the French midfielder Paul Pogba is expected to stay in the team.

Previously, Pogba was rumored to be transferred to Paris, but from the current situation, it is difficult to make the transfer deal work. From Manchester United’s point of view, they have always wanted Pogba to stay in the team. Unless he insists on leaving, the Red Devils will not consider negotiating with other teams for a transfer. But until now, Pogba has not shown a strong attitude to leave the team.

It is reported that Pogba may choose to stay for two important reasons.


Manchester United is expected to win the league

The first reason is that United has successfully introduced Sancho and Varane in the weak position, and the overall strength of the team is not lost to rivals such as Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool. It can be said that Manchester United’s competitiveness for the championship is stronger than ever.

The new season of the English Premier League is coming soon. For the participating teams, only by playing a good opening battle can they have a better chance of winning the title. For the old giants Manchester United, there is only one goal for the new season, and that is to win the EPL title.

Obviously, Pogba, after seeing United’s title ambitions, makes him more inclined to stay with the team, intending to follow the team to achieve success. In fact, United’s original intention of introducing Pogba was to have the French star lead the team to success, and now it has turned out to be United helping Pogba to succeed.

Paris has never officially offered Paul Pogba

The second reason for Pogba to stay in the team is because Paris has never officially offered Pogba, that is to say, the two sides have only rumors, and no substantial contact.

In fact, this stems from the fact that there are a lot of voices against Pogba within Paris. To be serious, Pogba is not welcome in Paris.

It is known that on the fence of the training base in Paris, a lot of banners against Pogba were hung. Obviously, these banners represent the opinions of many fans, and Paris had to pay attention to them. The situation now is that Paris basically won’t use a large amount of transfer funds to bring in an unpopular person.

So, the reason why Pogba chose to stay in the team, to a large extent is no under home willing to pick up the plate led to.


Real Madrid used to be a good choice for Pogba

Of course, Real Madrid was also a good choice for Pogba. When Zinedine Zidane was the head coach of Real Madrid, he kept proposing to Florentino to actively introduce Pogba, but Florentino never gave a clear response. Now that Zinedine Zidane has left the Bernabeu, another famous manager, Carlo Ancelotti, has taken over the head coach position and he may not like the type of player Pogba is.

So Pogba can still stay at United to continue his campaign, but there is a big possibility that his contract will not be renewed. United will be able to use Pogba for at most one more year, and when next summer comes, both sides will part ways peacefully.

From a financial point of view, if Pogba leaves on a free agent next summer, United is losing a significant transfer fee, but Pogba can earn a higher-priced contract.

Of course, the ideal premise is for United to get the Premier League title this season. Right now, United still needs Pogba to lead in the midfield, and Pogba recognizes United’s title-winning ambitions and strength.

Expect the final cooperation between the two sides to be exchanged for a Premier League title.

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