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Tug of war coming to an end, Paulo Dybala agrees with Juventus on € 10 million annual salary

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According to the news brought by the famous journalist Scilla, Juventus is now preparing for the final contract renewal negotiation with Paulo Dybala. Before that, the negotiation tug-of-war between the two sides had lasted for 6 months, but in the end Juve was not able to successfully reach personal terms with Dybala.

Previously Dybala asked for 15 million euros annual salary

Juve once had the will to sell Dybala because of his high demand for a new annual salary. It is reported that at the beginning, Paulo Dybala wanted to take a salary of 15 million euros for himself, which Juventus found unaffordable.Juve’ finances are already very tight during the ongoing epidemic. The team is currently cleaning out the team of useless players, and with Juve trying to save even a few million, it is absolutely impossible to give Dybala an increase in salary from 7 million to 15 million euros, which is very difficult.

Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala accepted the concession

The two sides have had some conflicts over this, but as the situation has changed, Dybala has lowered his personal demands for salary. As long as Juventus can offer a salary of 10 million euros, Dybala is willing to stay and renew his contract with the team. In the opinion of Scilla, Dybala has been suffering from muscle injuries in the recent past. The Argentine, who has hidden problems, is obviously aware that the situation is not under his control. So Dybala can only lower his terms, he has lost the capital to continue to bargain with Juve.

And Juventus is in need of a player of Dybala’s type at this stage. Head coach Massimiliano Allegri has kicked off his second stint at Juve in recent days. According to a report by the Turin Sport, Allegri is happy with Juve’s current squad and is looking at new players that will come to Juve in the two years following his departure.Head coach Allegri has made it clear after his return that he wants to reuse Dybala and he wants the Argentine to be the core. In this way, Juve must keep the Argentine.

The Juventus management has already made the decision that they are going to renew Dybala’s contract with an annual salary of 10 million euros. In fact, this is the price that Juve proposed at the beginning, when Juve said that the new contract would pay Dybala 10 million euros, but Dybala wanted 15 million at that time. This is where the two sides disagreed, but now they have reached a consensus.

Paulo Dybala

Paulo Dybala’s impact for Juve

The injury of Dybala last season might also be one of the reasons for Juventus’ decline in performance. Both Dybala and Cristiano Ronaldo carried Juventus to the Serie A title with their individual abilities in the latter part of Maurizio Sarri’s reign, and it is safe to say that both of them are unquestionable in their abilities. Both of them are able to create opportunities for each other on the field. However, last season, Dybala’s form was unstable due to injury, so it made Juventus’ front line chaotic.

Ronaldo’s performance was as strong as ever, but he couldn’t save the situation. In the end, Juventus was robbed of the Serie A title by Inter Milan, and the league’s 10 consecutive titles were in sight but untouchable by Juve. In the new season, Allegri has prepared 4 new lineups to integrate Dybala and Ronaldo together. On this basis, it is necessary for Juventus to renew Dybala’s contract.

After all, such an excellent number 10 player can bring a lot of help to the team. Expect the negotiations between the two sides to go smoothly next, after all, there are more challenges waiting for Juventus in the new season.

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