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Multiple deals in the Premier League transfer market, who will be the biggest surprise?

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Manchester United are recently mulling a big deal involving three parties, the model will probably be like the NBA’s three-way deal, the specific content is that Atletico Madrid send Trippier to Manchester United, and Manchester United will pay a transfer fee to Arsenal for the transfer of Bellerin to Atletico Madrid, as of now, the deal is still only in the conception aspect, there are still a lot of problems waiting for the three parties to negotiate. Apart from Wan-Bissaka, United have been lacking a reliable candidate for the right back position, and Trippier is a good choice.

Premier League transfer market

However, United’s need to strengthen the right back is not too urgent. The Red Devils’ transfer team is currently pushing forward with the Sancho deal at full speed, as the season has just ended, United opened transfer negotiations with Borussia Dortmund on Sancho, and the negotiations are still going well.

Premier League transfer market

The two sides are already communicating about the amount of the transfer fee and the payment method. Last summer Dortmund kept a tight grip on the €108 million transfer fee, which is why the transfer didn’t take shape in the end, while this summer, the situation has changed drastically, taking into account the factors affected by the epidemic plus the team’s contractual issues, the transfer fee will be greatly reduced. The general forecast in the English media is that United’s first offer will total around €80 million, with subsequent increases of no more than €10 million, and the two sides are actually very close to reaching an agreement.

Premier League transfer market

In the centre-back position, Spain’s Paulo Torres and Conde are still Manchester United‘s most wanted, facing competition from Real Madrid and Barcelona, United are not in an ideal position and it is not known how much transfer budget the team will have left after bringing in Sancho, after all, both players will cost more than 50 million euros. Romero, who has just won Serie A’s centre-back of the season, and Varane, who has struggled for Real Madrid this season, are both on United’s list, and it is not yet known who will come out on top.

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