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No room for bargaining on Raphael Varane’s transfer fee ,and Real Madrid search for new center back(20/07/2021)

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In order to get Raphael Varane, Manchester United offered several names of exchange players to make up the difference.But according to Spanish Mr. Football, Real Madrid has informed Manchester United that they are not interested in several players that the Red Devils are offering in exchange. The Madrid side will not open negotiations with United about a player swap, they will only accept an offer that is entirely in cash. Vanela’s 65 million euro transfer fee cannot be reduced by a single cent, and after obtaining this money, Real Madrid will sign a new central defender to replace the gap left by Varane.

Real Madrid changed attitude

The news that Varane was leaving Real Madrid came early on, and Manchester United is the most likely next home for Varane. Manchester United had contacted Varane in the first two seasons, but at that time Real Madrid was not willing to sell him, and now the situation is different, Varane’s contract is about to expire, and he is not willing to renew his contract with Real Madrid. So Real Madrid has started to change its attitude towards selling Varane, as Florentino is not willing to see Varane leave the team on a free.

Raphael Varane

Raphael Varane enters contract year

Real Madrid priced Varane at 65 million euros, which is not a low price considering the contract year. But as the 2018 World Cup winner and Real Madrid’s main centerback during the triple crown,Raphael Varane, now 28, has enough capital to make many giants compete for him. So Real Madrid is not worried that this price will leave Varane unattended, and Manchester United will have to match this offer in order to get Varane.

Real Madrid rejected the offer to exchange players

But Manchester United did not want to pay cash directly to sign Varane, they offered Real Madrid to complete the transfer in the form of a player swap to make up the difference. United offered four candidates: Martial, Bailly, Van Der Beek and Dalot, who returned from a loan spell at Milan. They are all targets that Manchester United wants to cleanse this year. However, Real Madrid is not interested in these four players, United soon received a reply from Real Madrid, Real Madrid does not accept player transactions, they only accept cash transactions, such a reply leaves United without much choice but to pay in installments.

Raphael Varane

Real Madrid’s new target

Real Madrid now also has a target for center backs, namely Sevilla’s Jules Koundé and Villarreal’s Pau Torres, which are known as the best performing center backs in La Liga last season. Especially Pau Torres, who is the main center back in Spain and helped Villarreal to win the UEFA Champions League. In addition Ancelotti also has a candidate is Napoli’s Koulibaly. Once Varane is sold, Real Madrid will go after these players.

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