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How to Bet Two Options From One Match with 1xbet

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so stay tuned today i’ll be talking on

how you can accumulate through options

in a single match to bet on

meaning we have all been in a situation

whereby let’s say you want to

bet for us now and you have more than

two options to

pick from us now let’s say you have us

not to win you want to play us now over


you also want to play maybe us now to

win corners or over 8.5 corners

and most of these betting sites gonna

allow you to join all those options

together so you have to make different


like different sticks for each of those


i want to make it known to you all that

one ex bets have the option

to accept accumulated options in a

single match

so i will go straight to the games i

want to bet let’s let me go straight to

the english premier league right now so

let’s use the ask now match for

for example now let’s say you want to

play us now

double chance and under 5.5 for us now

let’s go for dub chance and under 5.5

for us now

okay then you also want to play

under 11 corners but this is the same as


please take note that

you have different sections in this bit

different sections in every fixture

they have different sections in every

features so for a particular section you

cannot pick

two options in a particular section

let’s see for the match bet

section right here i cannot pick that’s

not the chance another 5.5 and that’s

not to win

it will not work that way for it to work

you have to go to a different section

it’s like go to first half second for

corner so

let’s go for the under 11.5 corners for

the arsenal game

under 11.5 corners for the arsenal game

okay then let’s go for uh which other


okay let me go for yellow cards for the


on that four point five yeah look at


4.5 yeah look at is also good and uh let

me check

if it is acceptable and please take note

sometimes some of the options are not

acceptable for you to

meet with others let me look for one

that will not be acceptable

let me go for this first half now let’s

say first half as now

double chance in first half okay as you

can see it’s not acceptable

same interrelated bets so you have to


that particular one that is not

acceptable so let’s pick this three

alone for the arsenal game and let’s go

and look for a different game entirely

to pick from

so okay let’s go for the liverpool

versus leeds

united i’ll pick liverpool to win

i’ll pick liverpool to win and i also

go for under

12.5 corners alright

as you can see just from two games

i made about one two three four

five selections from two games which in


brought the odd up to 4.9 so

this particular kind of betting is not


in some of the betting sites but it is

acceptable in one ex bed

i believe it’s also acceptable in 22 bed

male beds but 365 and some other ones


if you are using lazy battery bet

the bed king and those other

local beds i don’t they don’t allow this

but i believe

it’s time to allow for options like this

so let me stick on the best i’ll stick

on it with 200

naira on this particular bed because i

always picked

a random selection so i don’t want to

invest much on this particular selection

i just want you to understand that

it is actually legit and it is allowed

in one expert for you to pick more than

one to three options

in a single match all right that’s

all i’m please we are coming to the

beginning of a new season for the

english premier league the spanish

league the italian league the german

league and

and if you have been finding it

difficult to watch live football matches

with your mobile phone please check my

video up here right now

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