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An informational look at what Spain’s La Liga is, How it’s formatted?

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Foundation of La Liga

The Spanish First Division was founded in 1928 and has been the most competitive European league. It has won 18 Champions Leagues and is also known as the “league o stars” and “league o gentlemen”, the cradle for football stars, and the Ballon d’Or. It is home to many footballing legends and Ballon d’Or award winners.

Real Madrid was the greatest FIFA team in the 20th century, while Barcelona is known as the “dream football team”. Real Madrid has won 33 titles while Barcelona has 24. Real Madrid and Barcelona have dominated La Liga in recent years. La Liga’s style of play is very spectator-friendly. It focuses on technique, attack, and is extremely spectator-friendly. According to official FIFA and UEFA standings, La Liga has been at top of the table for many decades. La Liga is a popular league that appeals to both players and fans. The league attracts all of the top international stars who want to be part of it.

An informational look at what Spain's La Liga is, How it's formatted?


The British introduced football to Spain in 1872 in Seva. They quickly gained interest from the Spanish population and then introduced it to the Basque Country at end of the 19th century. The first official Spanish football tournament was held in 1893. It featured teams made up of English seamen and merchants, as well as some Spanish players. It was a friendly tournament.

Most of the clubs started their associations around 1900. These associations are now called the Spanish Football Federation’s regional associations. The regional associations started to consider forming a Spanish soccer association in 1902. On 4 October 1909 at the request of the Madrid clubs representatives formed the Royal Spanish Football Association. This association joined FIFA in 1913.

All Spanish football competitions were regional or provincial. In 1902, inter-regional competitions were established. It was free to enter from 1902-to 1903. From 1913-to 1940, it was open to all. In 1942, the tournament was played only by the champion teams of each region. In 1943, the championship teams were the 14 winners and runners-up of the second division. From 1945-to 1947, free entry was available for 12 teams. In 1952, the First Division had 12 teams. In 1953, the First Division had 12 teams. In 1954-1955, the First Division had 12 teams. In 1956, the First Division had 16 teams. In 1969, 32 teams.

The Spanish King’s Cup was created in 1902 and the Royal Spanish Football Association was established on 4 October 1909. However, the Spanish National League was only launched on 23 November 1928. The popularity of Spanish football was greatly increased by the success of the Spanish national football team at the 1920 Olympic Games. Football clubs across the country sought to create a new competition to allow more players to enjoy the game and increase their revenue. The Spanish league was created after much negotiation among various parties. The first Spanish Primera Division took place in 1929.


The rules of La Liga state that the First Division’s last three teams were to be relegated to the Second Division, while the Second Division’s top three teams were to be promoted to the First Division.

The 2017 GlobeSoccer Awards ceremony took place in Dubai on 29 December 2017. The Spanish Primera Division was named League of the Year.

Barcelona defeated La Coruna 4-2 on 30 April 2018 to win the title, four rounds ahead.

The Spanish Health Minister stated at a press conference on 10 March 2020 that La Liga would be played in empty stadiums.
La Liga was suspended on 12 March.
On 11 June, La Liga restarted.
Real Madrid defeated Villarreal 2-1 at their home in July to win the La Liga title around earlier than expected.

Atletico Madrid defeated Valladolid 2-1 in the final round for 2020-21 La Liga.

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